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Scene: Passengers Take First Ride on TTC’s New Articulated Bus

By January 2015, there'll be over 150 of these bendy vehicles on the streets of Toronto.

WHERE: Bathurst Station

WHEN: Friday, December 20, 9:30 a.m.

WHAT: Transit riders got the chance to check out one of the TTC’s new accessible articulated buses today, as the first in its planned fleet hit the streets near Bathurst Station to serve the 7 Bathurst route. The TTC is set to receive 153 of them (at a cost of $143.7 million), and they’ll all be pressed into service on the most high-demand routes—such as 29 Dufferin, 63 Ossington, and 6 Bay—by January 2015. These 60-foot-long buses run on clean diesel, have low floors and three doors, and will accommodate 48 seated and 29 standing passengers—which represents a 45 per cent increase in capacity from the existing 40-foot buses with which we’re all familiar.


  • Kevin Stewart

    I can’t wait until people pile into only the front 20 feet of these buses!

    • wklis

      And exit only through the front door.

    • rich1299

      Photo #11 nicely shows the area between the front wheel wells where everyone with strollers and buggies will ride.

  • dsmithhfx

    Trying to pass one of these things will be like trying to pass 77 cars… oh wait.

  • Darkwalker10

    Great to see these arriving. We need more of these and less LRVs.

    • the_lemur

      We need these AND the new LRVs. The capacity makes all the difference.

  • KRoberts

    Please put them on the 63 ossington route!!! :D

  • Suicide Boi

    This makes life slightly less horrible.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    I hope they put them on Dufferin soon. Taking the rush hour Dufferin bus is one the most unpleasant parts of my day. So crowded!

  • tomwest

    TTC should introduce these as one-to-one replacements for regular buses. Same costs (no extra drivers), better service.

    • dsmithhfx

      Under the direction of our illustrious council, the TTC has no commitment to deliver better service in terms of frequency or capacity. That would require increased operating subsidy.

      • Sean_Marshall

        The politican in charge of the TTC, who declared service cuts in the name of “the greater good” wants to be your mayor in 2014.

        • bobloblawbloblawblah

          Actually, it was the current Mayor-In-Name-Only who cut service by demanding a 10% cut to all departmental budgets. So “Mr. No Service Cuts-Guaranteed” cut TTC service levels back to what they were in about 2004.

          • Sean_Marshall

            It was Ford enabler Karen Stintz who made that patronizing “for the public good” remark passing the service cuts. She put up no fight, unlike the police.

        • OgtheDim

          Which one, DMW, Ford or Stintz?

          They all went for that.

          • Lee Zamparo

            Yes, and their transit policies all stink.

          • OgtheDim

            Wheras Chow supports the subway to the Canadian Tire. Unfortunately, none of the likely candidates is all that good. Ford is by far the worst but thankfully its doubtful he will ever get enough minions again to do what he really wants to do – ditch all the streetcars.

          • tyrannosaurus_rek

            Chow needs to. There really isn’t a coherent opposition to it – council supported it and its supporters are quite vocal – so she can’t exactly risk turning off potential voters. If she runs her position might change. If she wins, it probably will change.

      • tomwest

        In this case, it wouldn’t require extra subsisdy – that’s whole point!

        • rich1299

          Yes but they’ve always increased headways when they’ve added the articulated streetcars or ROWs to routes before like on St Clair, the 196 busway to York U, and Lake Shore West with all articulated streetcars. They’re now so far apart its usually quicker to walk between New Toronto and Long Branch. That line is only really useful for going fairly long distances. When I lived on St Clair before the ROW I’d regularly take the streetcar for just a block or two since it ran frequently enough.

          I definitely agree they should be replacing them one for one and especially with the new higher capacity streetcars on Spadina and King but past evidence shows they’ll see it as an opportunity to save money rather than to improve service for long suffering riders.

          Its rather telling that they’re ordering fewer new streetcars than our current fleet of old ones.

          • nevilleross

            I will agree that they need to order more streetcars (maybe), but that’s all I’ll agree with.

    • UnknownTransit

      They have the idea that operating less (but bigger) buses, passenger loads will be more balanced and that bunching will less likely to occur.

  • nevilleross

    These buses are crap, and won’t solve the problem that Transit City was created to solve, while contributing to air pollution and bad health.

    But hey, the sheeple (Ford Nation) spoke so sadly, it will be.

    • OgtheDim

      You do know that Transit City, as most people heard about it, and Adam G and Miller talked about, was about LRT, right?

      And that most of the places these buses are going can not take LRT, right?

      Are you so wedded to the memory of Transit City you can’t see that there are places it wouldn’t have even touched beyond the creation of a network?

      • nevilleross

        I know all of these things, that’s why I said what I said about Transit City being better than these buses. I just don’t trust them over LRT and street cars, and think that they will suck just as hard as they did when they were used in Toronto back in the 1980s.

  • nevilleross

    This is why I’m against them being reintroduced in the first place, and wish that the city had stuck with Transit City.

  • nevilleross

    Blame there being too much traffic for that.

  • Driver

    Fun to drive :)