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Scene: It’s the Rob Ford Candy Cane/Photo-Op Spectacular!

Rob Ford makes an appearance at the Etobicoke Lakeshore Christmas Parade.

WHERE: Etobicoke Lakeshore Christmas Parade

WHEN: Saturday, December 7, 10 a.m.–noon

WHAT: Ford made the best of not being officially uninvited to the parade by turning up, walking the route for two hours, and pelting everything in sight with candy canes. He was regularly approached by people enthusiastic about either (a) getting their photos taken with a politician they admire and would vote for again, or (b) getting their photos taken with a man who admitted to smoking crack while in a drunken stupor and then turned up on every American comedy show ever invented.


  • dsmithhfx


    • SonuvaScrimbro

      That’s clever, but I really have to question the likelihood of Ford giving away his stash (or whatever crack users call their drugs and drug paraphernalia).

  • SonuvaScrimbro

    And why wouldn’t Ford show up for a Christmas parade? Science has proven that Ford and Santa Claus actually have a lot in common:

    - they both put in the equivalent of a day’s worth of work over the course of a year

    - they both have armies of non-paid little people willing to do the hard work needed to make them look boss

    - they’re both known for their generous spirits (Santa with his gifts to all the good boys and girls of the world, Rob with his utility bill payments to all the quiet boys and girls of his ward)

    - they’ll both let their picture be taken with darn near anyone who happens to stand in line to see them

    - they both tend to show up in a hurry once the white stuff makes an appearance

  • dsmithhfx

    “he came to the parade just to give candies.”

    Wrong. He was there in his capacity as a disgraced politician grasping at anything for a comeback, any public appearance where he can pretend all the things that happened in the recent past didn’t. He wants to be re-elected.

    It’s difficult to think of any other contemporary public figure who makes a worse role-model for children. That’s why he was dis-invited from the Toronto SC parade, and fired from coaching football for the TCDSB.

    It’s really sad that the Etobicoke parade organizers have put their approval on his appalling activities in Rexdale and elsewhere, including City Hall.

    That approval only hurts him, the children of Etobicoke and the entire city.