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Newsstand: December 5, 2013

It's a big day for Rob Ford news junkies, which is simultaneously the entire world and absolutely no one. In the news along with the mayor: automated passport kiosks at the airport, and talk of a local ID for non-status Toronto residents.

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According to a previously redacted police information released by the court yesterday, Mayor Rob Ford allegedly offered to pay “$5,000 and a car” for the infamous crack video—an offer that was apparently rejected as a lowball. It is also alleged in the interviews that Ford used heroin. Meanwhile, while former Ford staffer David Price had somehow concluded that Anthony Smith—the young man posing in a photo with Ford who was shot to death on March 28—was killed because of the video, police have other evidence which indicates that this is not at all the case. Smith, according to a conversation conveyed to police, was killed in retaliation for a previous robbery that had nothing to do with the mayor.

As of Wednesday, automated passport-checking kiosks were operational at Lester Pearson Airport. Users—who must have either a Canadian or American passport—scan their passport, answer questions and have a photo taken before moving on. These same kiosks are already in place in several American airports. Hopefully they don’t make it easier for the NSA to monitor our movements, but who are we kidding, they almost certainly do.

Since city council declared Toronto a “sanctuary city” for migrants and residents without legal immigration status in the summer, there has been increased talk of providing a municipal identification card. The card would make it easier for the nearly 200,000 Toronto residents without legal status to access necessary services. This move would also help young people, new residents with legal status and the homeless, who often have difficulty obtaining ID.


  • dsmithhfx

    What car? A beemer? A caddy? A previously-owned, high mileage van that needs a new suspension? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • HotDang

      I would prefer a mayor who bribes people with offers of money and bicycles.

      • dsmithhfx

        A bicycle seems like a shaky platform for a drive-by.

  • Suicide Boi

    I think the MTO should just drop the requirement to have a legal status in Canada to obtain a driver’s license or provincial ID card.

    A driver’s license should have nothing to do with immigration status; it should only reflect one’s ability to drive safely, responsibly and courteously. (Excepting, of course, the “Enhanced Driver’s License” scheme.)