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Newsstand: December 4, 2013

I mean honestly, who hasn't had a photo taken with the Hells Angels, am I right? In the news: both Porter and Norm Kelly are hustling for support for the Billy Bishop runway extension, you may as well consider Premier Wynne and Deputy Mayor Kelly new BFFs for life, it's hard to buy an elephant nowadays, and Sarah Polley is one step closer to an Oscar nod.

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With city council’s opinion largely divided about Porter’s proposed expansion at the Billy Bishop island airport and opposition to it growing, the company has begun ramping up its public relations efforts to drum up support for the requisite runway extension, which would allow for jets to take off and land. As Waterfront Toronto expressed concerns yesterday about the impact the expansion would have on the waterfront environment, Porter has taken out both full-page newspaper ads and radio spots urging customers to lobby their city councillors on the company’s behalf—and it’s started a website where people can also support the plan online.

Porter can keep (somewhat) calm and carry on knowing that even though a recent staff report urged council to delay making any decision about the proposed expansion until spring of 2015, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly is working to increase support to see it move forward with conditional approval. It’s safe to say he’s got his work cut out for him.

If single-handedly attempting to broker this Porter expansion plan wasn’t enough, Deputy Mayor Kelly was also busy stealing Mayor Rob Ford’s thunder by meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne yesterday. Kelly and Wynne greeted press after the 40-minute meeting and put on a unified front, with the Premier saying that she would be liaising with Kelly for all future provincial-municipal business, further rendering Mayor Ford useless in his position. For his part, Kelly used the meeting with Premier Wynne to reinforce his mantra that the city is now in stable, reliable hands. Somewhere, Mayor Ford is stomping his feet.

Have you ever wanted to buy an elephant? As the Bowmanville Zoo mourns the death of its lone elephant, Limba, the Toronto Star has looked into what it would take for them to replace her. It’s definitely not an easy purchase, as it turns out they don’t really sell them on eBay or Craigslist—although you can likely get a hand-crocheted one over on Etsy. Zoos in the market to purchase the animals, which are admittedly a huge draw for them, face stringent regulations and international guidelines put in place to protect endangered species—including African and Asian elephants—as well as strong opposition from animal rights activists. Basically, it’s going to be a long uphill battle if the zoo would like to get a new elephant any time soon.

Finally, congrats to Toronto film mainstay Sarah Polley, whose documentary Stories We Tell has survived the first round of cuts to be considered for an Academy Award nomination. Hers is one of 15 films still vying for a best documentary film nod. Next, the list of films will be narrowed down to the final five nominees, which will be announced on January 16.

CORRECTION: December 4, 2013, 9:25 AM This post originally gave the elephant’s name as “Lima.” The elephant’s name was, in fact, “Limba.”


  • WanderingPenguin

    “Limba”. Not “Lima”. Just saying.

    • TorontoistCopyEditors

      We’ve made the change. Thank you for pointing that out!