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Newsstand: December 16, 2013

Monday again? Already? Yikes. Some Monday news for you: the SIU has some information on the subway platform shooting, protesters burned an effigy in response to the shooting, Jason Kenney and Jim Flaherty fight about Rob Ford, and the fight to chair the TTC begins.

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Four of the nine officers present at the Queen subway station Friday night fired their weapons at the 18-year-old man who was apparently waving a gun on the platform, according to the Special Investigations Unit. The SIU investigates situations involving police where serious injury, death, or sexual assault occur. There were more than a dozen eyewitnesses, including the five officers who did not shoot at the man. Some witnesses said they heard the victim say “I have nothing to live for, anyway” during the confrontation. This is the second time in under six months that police have shot someone on or near the transit system; Sammy Yatim, also 18 years old, was shot eight times and Tasered in late July. He died as a result.

Following the Friday-night shooting on the platform of the Queen subway station, protesters gathered Sunday evening to show their dissatisfaction with Toronto Police’s handling of the situation. Disarm the Police, a group that formed after Sammy Yatim was shot and killed by police in July, organized the rally. Demonstrators burned a pig in effigy and decried the use of guns on someone they said “was clearly having a mental breakdown.” The man who was shot remains in the hospital.

It’s rare to see any division in Stephen Harper’s uniform Conservatives, but ministers Jim Flaherty and Jason Kenney seem to disagree about the ever-divisive Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Kenney, the federal employment minister, called for Ford’s resignation in November; finance minister Flaherty retaliated by calling Ford a personal friend and telling Kenney to shut up. Flaherty is the senior minister in the Toronto area, and pointedly said recently that he doesn’t comment on Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi; Kenney represents the riding of Calgary Southeast.

When current TTC chair Karen Stintz steps down in 2014 to focus on her mayoral candidacy, the prestigious position will be up for grabs. The contenders—thus far—are city councillors Josh Colle and Maria Augimeri, both of whom sit on the transit committee. Colle, a first-time city councillor, voted in favour of the Scarborough subway line but says he’s more interested in “service and reliability” than expansion, which is bad news for the millions of TTC passengers who were hoping for a little more breathing room downtown or, perhaps, a commute that actually works for them. Stintz recently said Colle is her preferred choice. Augimeri, on the other hand, is a veteran city councillor who voted against the subway extension and says she wants to chair the committee in a “caretaker” position, meaning she would not seek to continue in the position after next year’s election. Stintz will step down Feb. 22, and the next chair will be chosen at a city council meeting in mid-February.


  • estta

    Because the only thing you could say about Nenshi is “wow, he’s kind of awesome.”

    • dsmithhfx

      Also, he doesn’t smoke crack and hang out with gangbangers. So maybe, Ford’s case is different.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Kenney’s shown more concern for Toronto than Flaherty has. Imagine if Kenney said Alberta is the last place anyone should start a new business – something Flaherty said of Ontario just a few years ago.

    • dsmithhfx

      Jim ‘Canadians don’t deserve pensions unless they’re MPs’ Flaherty.

  • Suicide Boi

    Um, the dude was brandishing a gun… of course he should be shot! He’s the bad guy!