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Ice Storm 2013 Update, by the Numbers

Officials share the latest updates and figures with a storm-fatigued Toronto.

At a press conference this morning, Mayor Rob Ford, Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines, and representatives of other groups involved in storm recovery provided us with the latest information about power outages and clean-up efforts. And while the situation is improving, some of the numbers below are still cause for concern:

128,000 calls came in to Toronto Hydro’s call centre at the height of the storm; 30,000 calls came in yesterday; a regular day for the call centre involves 3,000 calls.

32,000 customers are currently without power—down about 20,000 from yesterday.

Approximately 450 people people stayed at City warming centres last night.

200 trucks are currently on the streets helping with recovery efforts.

90 intersections are still without power.

76 Toronto Community Housing Corporation single-home units remain without power, although all high-rise buildings have now had their power restored.

43 crews are at work on the roads clearing debris.

6 crews from Ottawa and 2 from London are assisting local forestry crews.

Another number-related fact to consider: wind gusts are expected to reach 40 km/h tonight, and they could cause additional damage and more outages—creating more challenges for workers and residents who are now into day six of this crisis.


  • tomwest

    “32,000 customers are currently without power—down about 20,000 from yesterday.”

    Either that should be *up*, or the numbers are wrong.

    Also… “although all buildings have now had their power restored”. Do you mean multi-unit buildings?

    • rich1299

      That did sound odd but I figured they meant there were about 52,000 out yesterday.

    • TorontoistCopyEditors

      We should indeed have specified we meant “high-rise buildings.” Thanks for pointing that out! (The number of customers without power had dropped by 20,000—there had been approximately 52,000 without power the day before.)

  • Salguod Xam

    Doing pretty good Toronto. It took a lot longer for some to get power back in the 98 montreal ice storm, and at the rate they are going won’t be more than a couple more days before they are done fixing it all.