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Extra, Extra: Rob Ford Knows What Women Want, Canada Post Has an American Fan, and Canada Post’s CEO Is Thinking of Seniors

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

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  • Rob Ford sat down again with Washington’s Junkies—this time, he didn’t have as much to say about how women make football-pool picks, but did have some observations to share about how much women like money. When asked what he’d be giving his wife for Christmas, he answered: “Probably just money. Women love money.” He then added, “You give ‘em a couple thousand bucks, and they’re happy.” And who can put a price on such thoughtfulness?
  • There’s at least one person who’s quite happy that Canada Post is going to be putting an end to home delivery in urban areas—mostly, though, because he’s Darrell Issa, a Republican congressman who would like to make equally dramatic changes to his country’s postal service.
  • And for those who remain concerned about an end to home postal delivery—it appears there’s a bright side. Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra has pointed out that “seniors want to be living fuller lives” and that phasing out home delivery will allow them to be more “active.” Because there’s nothing like walking to a community mailbox in inclement weather to remind a senior that his or her life is “full.”

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