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Extra, Extra: Mammoliti Has Pricey New Digs, the Tories Don’t Talk Much, and This Fire Hydrant Enraged Commuters

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Photo by Flickr user Shaun Merritt.

  • Self-proclaimed fiscal conservative Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) has done the fiscally responsible thing and left taxpayers to pick up the $25,000 tab for renovations he made to his office space. Mammoliti claims the clerk’s office suggested that a new office be prepared for him, that doing so would not violate any policies, and that the costs would be covered; according to the Star, City spokesperson Wynna Brown has “challenged this account.”
  • The Ottawa Citizen hasn’t just reported the words of federal politicians—it has also dutifully counted them. Adding up the number of words used by Conservatives during post-question period scrums ended up being a less onerous task than in previous years—Tories made fewer scrum appearances in 2013, and when they did appear, talked less: the Conservative caucus as a whole has gone on record with an average of only 482 words in daily scrums.
  • Want to the see the actual fire hydrant that stalled traffic in downtown Toronto this morning after it insisted on falling over and gushing water after being hit by a car? Well, here is a video of that fire hydrant. It doesn’t show the moment of impact, but there’s something compelling about the sight of all that water cascading onto King and Jarvis.

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  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Keeping Canadians in the dark is the only way the HarperCons have lasted this long.

  • andrew97

    I don’t think you’ve covered this yet, but Richard Florida wrote an op-ed in the Star, supporting the island airport expansion. I’d link to it but it’s paywall’d.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    I want one of those Mammolitti buttons. They look like they came from the McCarthy era.

  • rich1299

    If his sort of mentality had been around about 40 years or so ago the Spadina expressway would’ve been built destroying the Annex, Spadina Ave, and Chinatown. Traffic would’ve been much worse downtown with another highway built into it. These are great historic neighbourhoods that bring in larger revenues, and tourists, than a highway would’ve ever done.

    Toronto is much better off today for saying no to the Spadina expressway and I have no doubt will better off if it says no to jets at the island airport.