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Extra, Extra: Ford Stands by His Words, the TDSB Has Been Audited, and Look at Those Tiny Cartoon Clones

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.


  • In the wake of Rob Ford’s interview with Conrad Black—in which the mayor suggested Blair’s treatment of him was politically motivated—city councillors are calling on the mayor and his brother to step back from budget negotiations involving the police. And Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly (as well as all other right-thinking people) is calling on the mayor to apologize to Star reporter Daniel Dale for insinuating he might be a pedophile. At a news conference he held today at 4 p.m., Ford indicated he would do neither of these things. Mostly, he wanted to talk about the land transfer tax.
  • An audit of the Toronto District School Board has concluded that the board potentially misused funds, had some troubling issues with expense claims, and “chose not to follow advice received” about an existing wage freeze when it gave senior executives $1.29 million in raises. Not all the disturbing findings came with a clear price tag attached, though: the forensic auditors also suggested that an insidious “culture of fear” has taken hold of the board.
  • And because your head should not always have to be full of either vile insinuations from elected officials or cultures of fear, we give you tiny cartoon Orphan Black clones attending preschool together.

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  • m5r3b7

    I’m glad Ford is doubling down on the pedophile accusation. That should make it easier for the Star’s lawyers.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    “He’s taking photos of little kids,” Ford said during the interview. “I don’t want to say that word, but you start thinking ‘What’s this guy all about?’”

    This whole thing is starting to feel like Ford’s bone-stupid comments about the Tuggs deal during the 2010 election:

    “There’s a lot of skulduggery going on. Sometimes in camera, sometimes in the public. There are deals behind closed doors, which I wish the media knew about. Yes, I think people should know what happened in the Tuggs deal.”

    Of course the possible slander against Dale is far more serious: the mayor insinuates that Dale is a pedophile. Robby isn’t terribly bright that’s for sure, but does he really want to tangle with Torstar? He seems to find the worst way to deal with any problem big or small. Doesn’t this man ever look in the mirror and say to himself “y’gotta be smarter!”?

    Well, I guess I already know the answer to that last question.

    • Kurblick

      Rob Ford’s been in an escalating war with The Star for years now. This is just more of the same.

      • dsmithhfx

        The Fords lash out in personal attacks at anyone who gets in the way of their feudal sense of entitlement. Daniel Dale was instrumental in exposing their stealth appropriation of publicly-owned land, which was subsequently denied. They hate him for that.

  • Angie Mac

    Conrad Black. I wonder if Ford realized that he was being interviewed by the Lord of the Gravy Train.

  • 4ChanApologist

    For someone who is so quick to threaten lawsuits, it’s a bit of a dumb move by Ford.

    I’m pretty sure the whole “I-didn’t-actually-call-him-a-pedophile-I-just-said-he-likes-taking-pictures-of-kids-and-you-can-figure-out-why” defence doesn’t actually work.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Dale and the Star have an air-tight case for defamation, and I really hope they act on it soon.

  • dsmithhfx

    Daniel Dale was not taking pictures of Rob Ford’s kids, and he was not peering over the fence into Rob Ford’s backyard. He’s a reporter who was doing his job, and Rob Ford assaulted him in a public park. Rob Ford has been caught out on many, many other lies. I’m sure you’re very brave and all MM but… wtf?

  • onevoice

    ..and then you will go to jail if you assault or threaten someone you ASSume is a ped….

  • toronnamamma

    Yeah, except he wasn’t. As has been proven multiple times. HE. WAS. NOT. TAKING. PICTURES. OF. FORD’S. KIDS. Got it, now?

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Ford’s kids weren’t around and as confirmed by Dale, whose phone died before getting to Ford’s house, there were no photos taken. Quite simply, Ford lied then and is lying now.