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Duly Quoted: Waterfront Toronto

Waterfront Toronto joins the chorus of voices asking questions about Porter's expansion plans.

“Given the findings of the City of Toronto’s review, the problematic conditions for transportation and traffic created by the airport’s current operations, Waterfront Toronto believes that expansion has the potential to create significant risks for waterfront revitalization.”

—Waterfront Toronto, in a letter forwarded to city council. Waterfront Toronto’s board of directors held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss Porter’s proposed expansion plans for the Billy Bishop island airport. They urge that the “serious transportation, road congestion, and community impact issues created by the airport’s current operations” be addressed before any new plans are considered—and raise questions about how Porter’s new vision would affect transit, traffic, and the waterfront environment. Their statement echoes the concerns of city staffers, who, in a report released on November 28, cautioned that “approval of this request is premature.”


  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Name something that doesn’t have “the potential to create risks”. What a wishy-washy statement.

    • Testu

      Given its context in the full quote it appears to be a diplomatic way of saying “hell no, we do not support the expansion”.

  • K@

    “Waterfront Toronto BELIEVES….” Always far too much about the seemingly never-ending island airport debates in this town based on beliefs. Science and math, people! Let’s properly test things and measure things and even extrapolate (but based on those actual tests and real measurements) and let the FACTS fall where they may, regardless of what any particular individual or group wants. Anyone got the stomach for that? I truly wonder…