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A Toronto Year-End List Round-Up

What were the top artworks at Toronto galleries this year? Who thinks that Rob Ford's 2013 problems were "somewhat self-inflicted"? We present a brief overview of some noteworthy year-in-review lists.

A quote from Ai Weiwei.

Year-end lists serve various functions: they draw attention to people, places, and things that have made valuable contributions to our lives over the course of the past 365 days; they highlight and examine governing trends; and, of course, they bring to our attention all the important restaurants we have not yet dined in, and all the trends with which we have somehow neglected to become familiar.

So here are some of the people, stories, and cultural offerings that various Toronto media observers identified as having been important to the year that was:

  • Portraits in oil, ceramic towers, mysterious collages: the Star presents its “Top 8 artworks at Toronto galleries in 2013.”
  • Have you dined at Hudson Kitchen? Enjoyed some tapas at Bar Isabel? If not, you’ve already missed out on two of the Globe‘s “hottest spots” in which to “eat, drink, and be buzzy” this past year and will have your eating, drinking, and buzzing work cut out for you in 2014.
  • “Ford’s problems in 2013 were somewhat self-inflicted.” “I am more into the underdog, comeback stories” and “not always one to run with the pack.” Who has included these sentences in the number-one entry on his top stories of 2013 list? Why, it’s Joe Warmington, who is clearly into underdogs, and not one to run with the pack.
  • If you would like to spend the last day of 2013 reflecting on the many news-worthy comments Mayor Rob Ford has made this year, and would appreciate being reminded of just how many there were, you can head on over to the CBC’s “Rob Ford quotes of 2013.” And then, because the only thing more enjoyable than having an opinion is sharing it, you can vote for your “favourite”—before spending some time wondering what the CBC’s “Rob Ford quotes of 2014″ will look like.