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The Rob and Doug Ford TV Show Recap: Welcome to Ford Nation

Every Monday, Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug host Ford Nation, a one-hour show on the Sun News Network. We watch so you don't have to.

ford nation tv

Do you remember when Futurama was cancelled and rabid fans demanded that the zany hijinks be brought back because the world needs more Fry, Bender, and Leela? Yeah, so the Rob and Doug Ford show is nothing like that. When Newstalk 1010 cancelled the Fords’ Sunday afternoon radio program two weeks ago, it was widely seen as a long overdue move. But a desperate TV station calls for a desperate mayor, and so in comes Sun News.

The beleaguered conservative network is giving Toronto’s beleaguered conservative mayor a platform to try and energize his base, with the show fittingly called Ford Nation. Raccoon Nation is ready to rummage through the show tonight, with a live recap of the Ford TV special. If your cable includes it, you can follow along on Rogers 142/567 or Bell 506.

7:49 Rob and Doug’s media blitz continues. Within the past hour, they wrapped a sit-down interview with the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge—and they are currently speaking with NBC. The first episode of Ford Nation was taped yesterday and will be unveiled to the world in 10 minutes.

8:00: And we’re live! Except not really, because it’s taped. Sun News plays a montage sequence explaining how our hero got to this point—returning phone calls and hating the fact that garbage was in parks. What a guy!

8:03: The show suddenly shifts to the whole crack thing, with old clips of the mayor calling the media pathological liars. About that, Raccoon Nation will accept your apology any time, your worship.

8:05: Rob assures us he’s changing his behaviour, and he’s working with professionals, although he won’t say who. To date, he really hasn’t outlined how his habits will change—other than that he’s working out two hours a day.

8:07: Rob repeats his lie that he has saved taxpayers a billion dollars. He absolutely, definitively has not. The latest article to debunk this claim is in the Toronto Star, and it’s the most thorough yet.

8:11: Rob says he’s not perfect, but the only thing he’s perfect at is saving taxpayer’s money. Really, he said that.

8:14: A self-described member of Ford Nation asks Rob how he will put these issues behind him. Rob says, “The past is the past; it is what it is.” Apparently, he is the former catcher of the New York Yankees.

8:15: Rob claims he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol in three weeks. However, he was spotted at the LCBO a couple of days ago. He also claims that he has never missed a day of council, which is false.

8:24: The Fords have their first guest on the show, and it’s their Toronto Sun stenographer Joe Warmington. The Scrawler says, “It’s not an interview—we’re just chatting.” Journalism!

Ford says that he has saved more money than any mayor in Toronto’s history, that he has built subways, and that council is spending $500,000 on an environmental assessment on Bloor. Pop quiz! Which of those comments are false?

A) Saved more money
B) Built subways
C) $500,000 for Bloor bike lanes
D) They’re all false

Ding ding ding! You get a cookie.

8:27: Doug Ford, hater of constitutional rights, says there should be drug and alcohol testing across the country for governmental officials. What a libertarian.

8:29: Rob is whining about the cost of Project Brazen 2, because clearly that’s the issue here. Pro tip to the cost-conscious mayor: if you don’t have a laundry list of vices, the cops won’t spend millions investigating you.

8:33: We are promised that up next, measured and sensible journalist Ezra Levant will “hit back at the haters.” Earlier, the term “journalistic jihad” was used—because that’s obviously what asking the mayor about his alleged criminal connections and habits is.

8:38: Ezra has only been on air for one minute, and has already mentioned Jack Layton being in a massage parlor that he refers to as a “whorehouse.” His diatribe is one long false equivalency that tries to cast Ford as a victim because he’s a conservative.

8:39: Ezra claims Rob gets criticized because he is fat, doesn’t drive a Prius, and is not a hipster. Is Ezra a real person, or is he some kind of algorithm that scrapes the worst internet comments?

8:42: Ezra: “I’d take [Ford} on crack over his predecessor sober.”

8:44: Ezra repeats the false claim that Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale took pictures of Rob Ford’s backyard, and Rob seems to say it was in his backyard. This is patently false.

8:46: Ezra compares Rob to Princess Diana, presumably because Rob is the people’s princess. Levant goes on to say that Ford, who bowled over diminutive councillor Pam McConnell today, is being bullied.

8:47: Rob claims he was fired from his beloved high school football coaching gig because of “political reasons.” If by “political” he means that “My brother and I kept on saying how these kids would be in the gutter if it wasn’t because I’m such a saviour, and they can’t help themselves,” then that’s accurate.

8:53: Sun News plays the Jon Stewart clip of Rob Ford saying how much he likes to eat cats. He and Doug snicker along as they watch in the split screen.

8:55: Rob and Doug says that the people should decide in an election on October 27. Of course, today Doug Ford put forward a motion to call on the province to have a snap election. So, let’s just have an election whenever is convenient for the Fords.

8:56: Doug says, “God bless Ford Nation,” and our show is over. Raccoon Nation, we will live to see another day.

Well, that was terrible. Rob Ford, the world’s most famous mayor, spent an hour looking off camera and denying the most basic responsibility for his actions. He may have said “sorry,” but he essentially followed it up with, “Sorry for knowing how to party and being awesome at saving tax dollars.”

Not that it was any surprise, but it was the Rob Ford show, and that captures the Rob Ford mayoralty. It’s not about the people in Toronto the mayor purports to represent, or the issues that affect them–it’s all about how Rob is seen and whether he can rehabilitate his image. And then there’s Sun News, happy to cheerlead the guy on, because crack or no crack, he fits their image. It’s not elitist or condescending to say it–the whole show is a disgusting exercise.

One out of five Gulf Wars.

And God bless you, Raccoon Nation.


  • Syn

    Raccoon Nation, stand up!

  • Bill

    You are a hero for sitting through this

  • VictorianShuter

    Thanks for doing this. I couldn’t be bothered to subscribe to that channel.

    • Joey_Smallwood

      I didn’t even know the channel was in my package until I decided to see if I could watch this. A la carte can’t come soon enough!

  • OgtheDim

    The talking points for the last 24 hours have been consistent.

    Jack Layton.

    Coo Daytah



  • Bradford Hamilton

    Are Canadians that gullible? He can just make bald face lies and is not held accountable? Why isn’t he confronted with his lies? We don’t put up that kinda crap here in the states.

    • Electric Landlady

      That’s cute.

    • Robinson Crudite

      Oh, baby, yes we do. We have plenty of voters here in the States who happily vote in their own versions of Rob Ford. You might want to check out some other news article comment sections and see for yourself how many Americans are honorary Ford Nation members, buying all of his “I’ve saved a billion dollars” and “I’m the real victim here” talking points. So you might want to back off on calling Canadians “gullible,” my friend.

      • OgtheDim

        If you think BH is from the States, you fell for his bald face lie.

    • TacoGurrero

      what’s a bald faced lie?

      • switcherdawna

        I believe the term is ‘BOLD faced lie’

      • toronnamamma

        That’s a real expression. I’m not sure where it comes from, but he didn’t just make it up. It means an outrageous lie told brazenly.

      • cfsah

        English, originally ‘barefaced’, later bald faced (but bold faced has most of the meaning)…to lie without bothering to disguise it…masking the lie behind a bearded face, figuratively the attempt to cover it as opposed as the bald faced (shaven faced) lie, open and obvious to all as exemplified by the Ford brothers in recent days.

        • TacoGurrero

          alright, i stand somewhat corrected…i’ve always heard it expressed as bold faced lie

    • Ol Cee Pee

      yes, thats correct, all Canadians have been fooled by this self styled Loki, All of em. Thanks for showing us the light through your news shows such as Daily Show and Stephen Colbert America

    • Robby Breadner

      at worst, we canadians are guilty of not be able to comprehend how depraved some people can be… but as the back-story is filled in, most of us are reading and will rid ourselves of these creeps, in a way that doesn’t resemble a good ol fashioned lynching… (no matter how much they deserve it).

  • OgtheDim

    Ezra has gone really down hill. To be OK with that liar of a crack smoking bully.

    Maybe we needs to stage an intervention?

    • Christopher Bird

      This assigns standards to Ezra Levant which he has never, ever demonstrated himself to hold.

      • OgtheDim

        Nah, there was a time about 10 years ago when you could get a decent interview out of Ezra, without all the snide, and with a coherent viewpoint that was trying to make a difference, rather then cause waves.

        He seemed to go off the deep end during the whole law suit thing and has not recovered. I think he’s now addicted to being controversial.

        • dsmithhfx

          It’s become his meal ticket.

  • Spek

    This reminds me, whatever happened to Frank D’Angelo and his godawful — well existence, really, but I was gonna say TV talk show. Frank and the Fords would be perfect guests for each other.

    • JeffMc2000

      I’ve always thought they had to be connected somehow. Still waiting for that to turn up. Those guys are made for each other.

      • jeangenie

        Domenic Basile is a link…crooked lawyer involved in a case against D’Angelo, now represents Lisi.

        • JeffMc2000

          That’s a good start.

    • frobisher grove

      You, sir, are a televisual genius. That concept has *green light* all over it. And, just to prove it, we’re gonna steal that idea, give you no credit whatsoever, and make BILLION$ and BILLION$ and BILLION$!

      Nice stealin’ from ya! Here’s an apple juice. You like AJ, right?
      -Sincerely, SNN,

  • OpportKnocks

    Love them or hate them, they’re still taking up too much space inside your head. Now that council has done what they can, the time has come for the public and media to just ignore them. There is nothing a narcissist hates more than being ignored.

    • rich1299

      Its just so hard not to pay attention, its like when driving past a crash scene, you know you shouldn’t look, that you should keep your eyes on the road and your driving but you look anyways. Mind you this is one hell of a long crash scene.

    • toronnamamma

      I know, I know. You’re absolutely right. But I get to check back in when the next bombshell bursts, right?

  • Cold Hard Truth

    lol @ Is Ezra a real person, or is he some kind of algorithm that scrapes the worst Internet comments? “

  • VictorianShuter

    Was there any developments to make the Scrawler & Fords on better terms since that phone call a month ago? It appears they’ve made up but I might be missing something.

  • Christian Fletcher

    God bless YOU, David Hains! God Bless Raccoon Nation!!!

  • danieljchristie

    What this is really about (and what is missing in the analysis) is Darwin’s ‘Evolution Of The Species’. The ape-like Fords provide an excellent living comparison to Us and our primate antecedents. To wit: Convenience: They know enough to feed on the low hanging fruit of deceit. Tribal Loyalty: They understand the hierarchy of trust. Pecking Order: They grasp the idea that in order to assert dominance they must establish their position at the top of the clan/herd.

    For all that though, the pair of them are still unevolved monkeys picking the lice off each other in full public view, unaware that the zoo is still open and the lights are still on.

    • Matt Douris

      This oughta bug the creationists…in the Ford’s we have found a transitional fossil.

  • TacoGurrero

    you, they, spelt nayshun wrong

  • hyperhyper

    Thakns for the summary. I tried watching it for about 15 minutes and I gave up. It was sad to watch because clearly he is still in stage 1. He could not look at the screen while he was talking/reading and his brother gave off the slimiest vibe.

    I can see the appeal these two would have with the redneck/hillbilly community but it goes to show that some people are so sick of the standard politician (lies, fraud, etc..) that they are willing to put up with these buffoons because they practice some parts of old school politics (the communication part – how they keep in touch with their constituents).

    Sun should be ashamed of themselves because even Fox News hides their bias more than that (not by much though). It was sad to see this ‘show’ air and and even more depressing to see supposed journalists throwing softball questions at them and then supporting/praising them. I guess the upside to this is that Rob Ford will eventually relapse and the fall is going to spectacular. All these idiots who support this type of behaviour will have zero credibility after this because they know what is going on behind the scenes are just looking to make a buck off of Rob’s descent.

    Btw – What’s with all the rah rah USA colours?

  • StealthCountryCitizen

    Thank you, Mr. Hains, for actually watching this Rob n Dug show and telling us what happened on it. You have a strong stomach.

    • wklis

      Except that Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, which were on at the same time. Couldn’t you at least switch back and forth. Maybe Ford Nation called in for Bill Engvall and Emma Slater to avoid elimination, even though the judges gave them the lowest marks, between commercials.


  • toronnamamma

    You are a brave, brave man. I only managed about two and a half minutes. Thanks for the awesome recap, as usual. But let’s hope there won’t be the need for too many more.

  • FartyPants

    I farted!

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Please, God. Please, let Toronto’s nightmare end.

    • Crowie

      Well, the show has ended, anyway.

  • Welshgrrl

    Thanks for taking one for the team … just when I thought that Doug and Dinsdale Piranha had scraped the bottom of the barrel, they dig a trench under that very same barrel … Spiny Norman, please save Toronto from this freakshow!

    • vampchick21

      But….but….they use……sarcasm! *weeps softly*

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    That all you got? Your defense of the Mayor’s debauchery, association with gun-toting gang members, drinking and driving and general abdication of his elected duties is to sprinkle a few biblical quotes about and yell “GAS PLANTS!”? Despite what the Twin Mayors say, Rob Ford hasn’t saved this city billions of dollars and even if he did it doesn’t excuse his abomnible behaviour and vicious attacks since this scandal started. Give your head a shake.

    • vampchick21

      Actually this incoherent lot seem to be trying to rally the troops, not realizing that the troops have left the building. What you are looking at are the last few holdouts against reason and reality. I’ve no idea what kind of point they’re trying to make, and I don’t think they know either. Ignore them and they’ll go away. Now I need to listen to my own advice.

    • M. Arthur Douglas Daley

      i was shocked that she didn’t flog the democracy soundbite in her post.

  • Dinah Might

    “…check out what goes on in our city at the beginning of summer, ANNUALLY”

    What are you referring to exactly?

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Pride, methinks.

      • Dinah Might

        Methinks that too, just wondered if the poster felt like admitting it.

    • Steveinto

      It is a reference to the posters homophobia. Also included in the rant is the tax and spend anti liberal reference. It is clear the poster is a tea party/ reform conservative. Nothing worth while has been said here.

  • M. Arthur Douglas Daley

    only an idiot would use “facts” and “ezra” in the same sentence

  • dsmithhfx

    Check “Rob Ford”, “drug abuse”, “hypocrisy”.

  • nitemayr

    I’m struggling to get to the point where the faults of one person make those of another unrelated persons excusable. For example; if I was to say “there are priests who abused small boys” would that be a valid defense for shoplifting from a church swag room?

    I just need a primer on moral relativism that makes sense. You clearly have the crib notes on hand to read from; perhaps on the back of the “selected quotes bible” that some people seem to tote around with them. Enlighten all of us; how can other people’s failings excuse being admittedly drunken in public on a number of occasions, using public funds to rehab a private business’ location, smoking crack while “on duty” since the Mayor has said he is “always on duty and ready to lend a hand” what if a constituent had needed him to come by and stop council from taking their candy? High on crack; that’s where he would have been, high on crack and saving tax money while he did it. Yes?

    So, please, tell us how Justin Trudeau smoking weed makes it okay for Rob Ford to bowl over a council member.

    • Wellread

      well said

    • dsmithhfx

      Well… Rob Ford did it? He’s only human?

  • torontothegreat

    “Our fore fathers built this country on Christian principles which we have thrown out the door to persecute those who needs our support”




    • Testu

      To be fair our forefathers were a bunch of racist drunkards terrified of the Yellow Peril. Somehow I’m not terribly concerned about the values they built this country upon.

  • nitemayr

    It’s a metaphor from fishing and fairy tales of all things; Trolls in fairy tails live under bridges and jump out to confront persons crossing their bridge unawares of the troll beneath, furthermore trolling or TRAWLING for fish indicates moving along a body of water with one’s hook in the water looking to hook a fish. If I remember correctly the latter involves shallow water.

    Put these two together and you have “Internet Trolls” people who will pop up from under their Bridge post controversial or combative things on the internet in order to get people to engage them or just to throw metaphorical bombs into an ongoing debate. They will sometimes “bait” and “hook” their victims by posting numerous inflammatory things in order to incite a reaction.

  • M. Arthur Douglas Daley
    • VictorianShuter

      “Five hours to record and eight hours to edit”? I can’t believe I’m almost feeling sorry for Sun News!

      • rich1299

        I got to admit that it made me change my mind about Sun News having no standards, apparently they do. Extremely low standards barely there, if their standards were on life support you’d pull the plug to save the electricity but still not non-existent.

        Perhaps this was Sun News plan all along, to do one show with the Fords then cancel them to convince people that even they had some standards no matter how low.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Or Corleone brothers.

    • Spek

      I dunno, these guys make Fredo look like a genius.

  • moleski

    The only thing that made me sad when I heard the Ford brothers’ new Sun TV show was cancelled? That I will miss this column. Thanks for listening/watching so I don’t have to, and thanks for all the fact-checking/laughs over these last three years.

  • 10Pius_X

    For one brief shining moment, Canada had an answer to “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”

  • King Toilet

    Folks, I have a full review on the Frodnation show here, as well as a few catchy alternate name suggestions

  • SAM W

    Maggie, I understand your point of view although I do not agree with it as a Christian myself.. If you are going to use scripture to defend Rob Ford, one must look at other scriptures about his behaviour. Also have you studied the ones that says God raises up and takes down leaders. Or the verses on Pride. It was Rob’s own pride and arrogance,(which God is against) that has brought him down. Here a few verse that may help you understand what I am trying to portray from proverbs the book of wisdom

    Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16
    When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11
    Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.Proverbs 13

    I have no hatred and I have forgiven Rob Ford for what he has done yet he still have accept the consequences for his actions and because of his pride, he has become a disgrace to himself and the city of Toronto.. A man of humility would of step aside and accepted the consequences for his actions then come back wiser and full of grace.

    As I see it, it is His Pride is his own downfall not the act of smoking crack or who he hangs out with. Which Scripture tells us will happen to us when we fall into the sin of pride. Now since as Christians we are to believe that God has everything under control how can you not believe that God is letting this happen for the consequences for his pride. I feel for Rob, his family and the city of Toronto and pray for them all. So if you are a Christian you will see one can forgive yet consequences are not forgotten because of forgiveness. I forgive my children for what they do yet they must still must bear the punishment (consequences) for their actions..

  • christinaarcher

    No wonder Ford Nation got cancelled so quickly!