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Poll Position: Torontonians Think Mayor Rob Ford Should Step Aside or Resign

Three quarters of respondents say Mayor Rob Ford has to go, one way or another.


Which course of action do you think Mayor Rob Ford should take right now?

Resign as mayor, get treatment for his admitted conditions, and get out of politics altogether, because he should not be in elected office: 41%

Step aside as mayor and have someone temporarily be in his place, go into a treatment program for three or four months, and then return: 35%

Do as he says he will: stay in his job, not repeat any previous behaviour, get back to work because he loves his job and wants to fight for taxpayers: 24%

Poll taken: November 8-12, 2013
Sample size: 665
Margin of Error: +/-4.3%
Methodology: Online panel
Conducted by: Ipsos Reid

NOTES: Mayor Rob Ford is going to be spending much of the remainder of the week trying not to be sidelined. Today, council is debating whether to ask him to apologize for his actions and take a leave of absence. On Friday, during a special meeting called just for this purpose, council will consider stripping the mayor of some of his key administrative powers. If this poll is anything to go by, a whopping 75 per cent of Torontonians would prefer a simpler solution: the mayor’s resignation, or his temporary absence from City Hall.


  • HotDang

    I wish it was cross-referenced by how these people voted last time and how they plan to vote next time. I can’t imagine Ford can expect much support in 2014 from the 76% who want him to go.

    • Paul Kishimoto

      How about *whether* they voted last time, and *whether* they plan to vote next time?

      In 2010, he got like 47% of votes with 53% turnout…i.e. 25% of the electorate voted for him. If three-quarters don’t support him, but two thirds of them don’t bother to vote, he could win again.

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        He could win even if those two-thirds do vote, if they spread their votes out among all the candidates.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Ah, the summer of 2012. Those were happier times…….

    • John Atticus

      Of course they were happier.

      After the games were finished he knew he would get to “drink a mickey of vodka in 2 minutes while driving” to the horror of his junior staff members / football assistants.

  • TacoGurrero

    Well, at least it looks like there’ll be a credible conservative candidate or two in the next election. If Minan-Wong, Stintz and/or Tory run there’s absolutely no way (crosses fingers, legs and toes) he can win with “conservative” opposition and a credible “liberal” candidate–provided liberals and conservatives don’t split the liberal and conservative votes and he comes up the middle with 20% of the vote.

    At this point a bucket would be an improvement over Ford.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Bucket of crack with a side order of gravy.

  • Bradford Hamilton

    Watching Dr. Drew right now. Dr. Drew calls Ford supporters “crackstituants”!!!

  • picard102

    Or, if we’re going to spin it another way, 59% want Ford to continue being Mayor.

    • dsmithhfx

      Apparently the perceived ‘red line’ that Ford must not cross, is admitting he is an alcoholic and/or drug addict. By itself, that would be the least-damning of his foibles. Apparently his family and most ardent ‘supporters’ want him to die young from a treatable condition, after a drawn-out, humiliating and miserable public unraveling. Is that your wish?

  • vampchick21

    If that’s the case then I have to ask if they have actually been paying attention.

  • OgtheDim


  • dsmithhfx

    And why not? He brings gang bangers, drunk driving, pissing on trees like any self-respecting wino, ethnic slurs, and zero transit.