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Extra, Extra: Fancy Dress, Strange Associates, and Borrowing Costs

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Arcade Fire plays on the Toronto Islands in August 2010  Photo by Kath Fortes, from the Torontoist Flickr Pool

Arcade Fire plays on the Toronto Islands in August 2010. Photo by Kath Fortes, from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

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  • OgtheDim

    That’s a bit of an upgrade on the bowl of single colour M&M’s.

  • Kurblick

    Also: According to The Star, some citizens are going to launch a class action law suite against Rob Ford.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    People are wigging out about the Arcade Fire dress code, but it’s their show, don’t go if it bothers you that much.

    • dsmithhfx

      Deal! (actually, I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly heard their music, and was not planning to attend any of their shows, ever. So there.).

    • The Man With No Name

      It’s pretentious and overly demanding to charge people to pay $70 for a gig and then demand they dress up. Who do Arcade Fire think they are?

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        Overly demanding is asking for $45 or more for nosebleed seats. Nobody is making you go.

        • OgtheDim

          Its music.

          They play.

          We listen, dance and groove.

          That’s the contract.

          By demanding people who pay money for that contract dress up, they come across as pretentious ass hats.

          Its just music.

          • tyrannosaurus_rek

            If it’s “just music” why are you spending high double-digits (or low triple) to see it performed? I wonder how the band feels knowing it’s “just music” they’re providing. If it’s “just music” stay at home and listen in an environment you have total control over.

            But it isn’t just music. It’s an experience you’re paying for, and the artists behind that experience apparently want to enhance it with costumes and dresses and ties. That’s their right; they are the reason anyone shows up.

          • dsmithhfx

            No. They’re the ones putting on the show. If they want to pay the audience to be extras in the show, that’s different. But who will watch the watchers?

          • HotDang

            I don’t doubt that they will have an easy time selling tickets, but being told what to wear to an event that traditionally doesn’t impose such rules is a turn off for many.

          • OgtheDim

            Nobody pays that money to be with whatever others are wearing.

            They pay it to be there, with others, no matter what they are dressed in, and with the band, enjoying the music/show.

            Yes, its “just music”.

            I like Arcade Fire.

            But if this is how they are thinking, they gotta get outside the bubble of their fans/supporters/handlers.

            Play a streetcorner.

          • tyrannosaurus_rek

            Don’t misdirect. Nobody pays that money to get elbowed in the face, stand in long lines for washrooms, or have their view obscured by a sea of cameras and phones. Yet that’s what they get. Hardly the point of the event though.

            And yes, people actually do pay these prices, and a whole lot more, for formal events and access to clubs and restaurants that won’t hesitate to turn you away if you aren’t dressed accordingly.