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Doug Ford Says Police Chief Should Step Aside

Mayor's brother goes on the attack, calls Bill Blair biased.

“This is the most political police chief we’ve ever had… He’s biased.”

—The mayor’s brother, Doug Ford, on CBC Metro Morning, commenting on Bill Blair’s revelation that the police are in possession of the video in which Rob Ford smokes what appears to be crack cocaine. Ford, who was clarifying remarks he made immediately prior on AM640, is calling on the police chief to “step aside temporarily” (which is precisely what many councillors are asking the mayor to do) while a probe investigates whether Blair is in a conflict of interest. “I also want to clarify that we are huge police supporters,” Doug Ford said, while reiterating that the mayor has apologized and the city must move on.


  • Bobby Bittman

    I can’t believe this is real life

  • M. Arthur Douglas Daley

    dear douglas,
    when are you going to actually do the job you were elected to do instead of serving as a mouthpiece for your brother?

  • wklis

    Doug Ford should step down.

  • Daniel Hamel

    So, let the city police step aside in this investigation and the OPP or RCMP can take over. Surely this is more than a city matter at this point. And if Ford is promising big bumps to the police budget, isn’t he the one who’s at conflict of interest?

  • Squintz

    Where was this when Blair was making up laws and lying to cover up charter violations and false arrests?

    • vampchick21

      It didn’t interrupt Ford Family business.

  • Dinah Might

    So the police file information to get a legal search warrant. The media convince the Court to release some of this information; naturally the media then has questions about it. Bill Blair’s options are:

    1) Provide answers that are as complete as possible without compromising ongoing investigations / court proceedings; or
    2) Lie, stonewall, ignore, and generally cover Rob Ford’s ass

    And option (1) is somehow the “political” choice?

  • dsmithhfx

    So what is the conflict? It came to the TPS attention (and every citizen in this city, as well as across the country and indeed the whole world), that our mayor is associating with criminals who are under investigation for serious crimes, and he is himself apparently directly engaged in criminal activities.

    What are they supposed to do, sit on their hands?

    • andrew97

      The facts are biased against the mayor.

  • Crowie

    And, of course, if the police chief was “biased” in favour of Robbie, we wouldn’t hear a peep out of Doug. Hypocrite.

  • sproutlore

    It’s not our fault that the police is following Rob. It’s the police’s fault and none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for their actions. It’s politics. It’s all politics. And we’re not political. We’re honest. That’s the problem. It’s everyone else doing politics on us and us being honest.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      They’ve also saved the city a bajillion gaziilion dollars. Look it up. It’s a fact.

      • dsmithhfx

        And Rob built a new subway for Scarborough. He can’t say exactly where it is, because of Bill Blair. But it’s in Scarborough.

    • PlantinMoretus

      “doing politics on us” – nice

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Doug? Please shut up and go away.

  • vampchick21

    And now he’s saying he’s going to complain to everyone’s mommy about Bill Blair. We should all write him and tell him to JUST STOP TALKING YOU ARE MAKING EVERYTHING WORSE AND A BIG FUCKING JOKE YOU CHOWDARHEAD!

  • John D.

    And the frightening thing is that, between the two of them, Doug’s the smart one.

  • OgtheDim

    Seems this wasn’t working, so Rob has gone on the charm offensive and admitted he smoked crack.

    • dsmithhfx

      Rob Ford is biased against Rob Ford! He should step aside so he can continue doing what he was elected for.