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Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly: “The Mayor Wants to Wage War. I Want to Wage Peace.”

Kelly responds to the new limits imposed on the mayor's office.

norm kelly

“My goals are first, to restore confidence among the public in the government of Toronto; secondly, to repair the damage done to the relationships between the mayor and council; and finally, to focus on the business of the city on a go-forward basis.”

—Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly (Ward 40, Scarborough-Agincourt), responding to council’s decision to strip the mayor of all his non-statutory powers. Kelly wasn’t available to answer questions in detail—he said he had to confer with the City’s top bureaucrat about the outcome of council’s votes—but said he’d be holding meetings with City staff, members of council’s executive committee, and the mayor himself in the coming days. “We are a mature city,” he went on. “We have skilled councillors—they had the will to do this, and I know as a result, they’ve got the will to move on. I’m looking forward to it.”

Kelly is generally a quiet member of council. A steadfast supporter of the mayor until recently, Kelly is best known for being a climate change denier. He is widely expected to act as a caretaker, and has shown no indication that he’ll be pursuing any major new policy initiatives in the remaining months of council’s term.