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The New Councillor for Ward 3 is…Peter Leon

Council chooses Doug Holyday's preferred successor.

After hearing from a wide array of candidates vying to replace former councillor Doug Holyday (Ward 3, Etobicoke Centre), ranging from a self-described expert in transcendental meditation to a Toronto police spokesperson, city council has appointed Etobicoke resident Peter Leon to the office. Though he’s now an MPP and was not at council today, Holyday had endorsed Leon, who he met through work on Etobicoke community groups.

Mayor Rob Ford preferred another candidate, former Tory MPP Chris Stockwell—somewhat surprisingly, since Stockwell had once run against Ford’s father, Doug Ford Sr. Stockwell had also been endorsed by Etobicoke community council last week (that’s the group of councillors from that part of the city, which heard from all the candidates and made a non-binding recommendation to council).

Leon, 71 years old, worked in sales, and at various points served as chair of Etobicoke Hydro and as a member of the Etobicoke library board. Also a conservative, he won on a third ballot with 26 votes (Stockwell received 16) with the support of a cross-section of councillors, many of whom cited Holyday’s endorsement as a key factor in their decision. When he addressed councillors earlier today Leon assured them that he was only interested in serving as a caretaker for the ward until the scheduled 2014 election, and would not use the seat as a way to further additional political aspirations—also a factor in his selection.

Leon will be sworn in immediately, and begin his work as councillor by participating in this month’s regular council meeting, which will resume later this afternoon.


  • OgtheDim

    When left centre and right coalesce around you, its a good thing.

  • wklis

    Peter Leon won because the Ford brothers wanted someone else.

  • Lee Zamparo

    Good for council. Nunziata and Stockwell are both creeps (citation: wiki)

  • HotDang

    So if he’s currently an MPP doesn’t that mean he’ll have to vacate his seat? If so, I wonder how long this chain reaction can keep going.

    Here’s hoping Stephen Harper wants to be an MPP.

    • TorontoistEditors

      Holyday left council (vacated his seat) to become an MPP. Leon was a retired businessman until he was appointed to council yesterday.

      • HotDang

        I misread. My bad!

  • John D.

    Anyone else find it curious that Slob and Thug MacFordzie were so hot to trot for Chris Stockwell since he was an old rival of their father’s? Given their mafioso views on what they call “loyalty,” you’d think that would have been enough to label him an enemy in their eyes. Then again, given the twisted dynamics in the Ford family, maybe that was a plus in his favor? George W. Bush was another ne’er-do-well political son who wanted to show the world he had a bigger dick than Daddy, and even he looks almost sophisticated next to Mayor Assclown. (Come to think of it, where the hell was Pa Ford when L’il Douggie was a burgeoning criminal during his teen years?)