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Paul Ainslie Quits Executive Committee Before Ford Can Fire Him

When a Scarborough councillor votes against a Scarborough subway in Rob Ford's Toronto, there will be consequences.

Paul Ainslie, who at the beginning of this city council term was a clear supporter of the mayor, marked a major milestone on his long journey away from Rob Ford today: he preemptively resigned from the cabinet-like executive committee, which is generally filled with the mayor’s closest allies, before Ford had a chance to fire him. The two fell out over Ainslie’s surprise vote against Ford’s beloved Scarborough subway earlier this week, but Ainslie’s gradual drift away from Ford has been going on for quite some time.

In addition to breaking with the mayor on a growing number of council votes, back in March it was Ainslie who confirmed to the Toronto Star that a seemingly intoxicated Rob Ford had been asked to leave the Toronto Garrison Ball. In June the mayor demoted Ainslie from chair of the government management committee to chair of a less prominent committee, parks and environment. (This is roughly the City Hall equivalent of being forced to sit at a much worse spot in the lunchroom.)

Ford had publicly mused about canning Ainslie just after the subway vote earlier this week, and today at council the mayor announced that Ainslie had submitted his resignation as chair of the parks committee, which automatically means he loses his seat on executive as well. Ford thanked Ainslie for his work on the committee, and for making the first move: “I think the whole world saw that this was going to happen.”


  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Good news, Georgie Boy, there’s an opening!

    • Lee Zamparo

      Mammo’s back.

      • dsmithhfx

        Toadying all the way to the top!

  • OgtheDim

    1 Thumb WAY UP!!!!!

  • OgtheDim

    The Globe article points to Ainslie building to support Soknacki in a run for the mayoralty.

    Its looking more and more like the right will be splitting the vote this time.

    • HotDang

      That would be nice. Even someone with the exact same terrible policies as Rob Ford, but who didn’t always make a total ass out of him or herself would be a welcome change.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      +1 for splitting the vote, but I’ve never heard of Sokacki before your post.

      • Matt Patterson

        But Soknacki’s former constituents in Scarborough have heard of him. The media know who he is as well, and will cover his campaign accordingly. With Ford already behind in the polls, and with a negative city-wide approval rating, he can’t really afford to be fighting for any of the suburban wards.

      • OgtheDim

        Budget chief for Miller but right of centre. Quit because Miller was pushing a bit too left for his liking. I liked him at the time. Fair minded.

        Against the Scarborough subway. Not a tax hater but definately a waste hater. Ford will try to drive against him based on subway politics but I’m not sure that is going to stick next election.

        I would say far more likely to do the root and branch discussion of what the city should and should not be doing that Ford did not do and Miller refused to do.

        I might consider voting for him if the choice is him, Chow and Ford. (Now there’s an interesting scenario – will Ford give up if really behind in the polls to Soknacki in order to stop Chow?)

      • Brandon Jones

        He followed Frank Faubert around losing to him and then winning only when Faubert moved on to become mayor, lost again to Faubert on new Toronto council and then making it to council only after he won Faubert’s seat after he passed away