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Newsstand: October 9, 2013

My throat hurts. News: city council votes for a Scarborough subway extension, the mayor has more shady friends, city councillors are concerned that the mayor has more shady friends, and a suspect has been named in the fatal stabbing of a man at Nuit Blanche.

matt newsstand gull

Following a day of heated debate, city council has reached a conclusion about Scarborough transit, and that conclusion, based on a 24-20 vote, is subways. A subway extension, that is, plus a 1.6 per cent tax increase over the next three years to help finance it. The highlight (based on not being there at all), was when Councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) had his microphone cut off after raising his voice to attempt to brobeat another councillor.

And if you thought Mayor Rob Ford couldn’t surround himself with more shady characters, think again my friend, ’cause the shadiness just keeps on giving: the Globe and Mail has learned that one of the men the mayor enlisted to coach his former high school football team has, drum roll…a criminal past. “Peter Payman,” which is kind of the cheesiest fake name ever (what is he, Spiderman?), was recruited by the mayor for Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School’s football team and was listed as a coach in game programs until the close of last season. His real name is Payman Aboodowleh, and his unsavoury repertoire includes acting as an enforcer for the now infamous and recently arrested Alessandro “Sandro” Lisi, as well as assaulting a peace officer, assaulting his brother, and breaking and entering. Good thing he wasn’t brought on to work with impressionable underage youth. Oh, wait, no, that happened.

In addition to making Mayor Rob Ford’s year at yesterday’s city council meeting by approving a Scarborough subway extension, city councillors on both sides of the political sandbox (yup, that’s an expression now) voiced concern over the company the mayor keeps.

Toronto police have named a suspect in the fatal stabbing of 19-year-old Rameez Khalid during Nuit Blanche. Emanuel Lozada, 22, is a Venezuelan immigrant who lives in Toronto.


  • iSkyscraper

    I found a documentary that explains the recent history of transportation policy-making in Toronto, and why politicians are taking certain actions to attract an increasing number of available votes:

    • KRoberts

      haha- I fell for it, I thought it was real… sigh it’s been a long week…

  • HotDang

    Loving the intentional misspelling of browbeat. “Brobeat” Doug is not only the mayor’s bro, but he’s a testosterone-induced-idiot bro too.

  • HotDang

    acting as an enforcer for the now infamous and recently arrested Alessandro “Sandro” Lisi

    Why would an unemployed person need an enforcer?

  • bobloblawbloblawblah


    Another day, another story about an associate of the Mayor’s with a sketchy, criminal past. Life in Rob Ford’s Toronto……

  • vampchick21

    What’s more amusing is Doug Ford accusing the police of leaking things, of being in cahoots with the Star and trying to backtrack those accusations in the same sentence.

  • John D.

    Don’t forget (c): He knows and approves of his buddies’ violent criminal tendencies because he shares them himself.

  • istoronto

    The best thing I saw yesterday was the double high five Rob and Norm Kelly gave each other after the subway vote win. Probably the first high five for Rob since he coached Bosco’s last win. Rob needs those high fives to help him feel as though he’s still on top.

    • dsmithhfx

      I thought it was a hand signal to vote for Ainslie’s 5% property tax hike?

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    It’s a portmanteau, not a typo.

    • HotDang

      Maybe it was a portmantypeau.

      • hamish

        expunge that

  • cliff s

    Don’t forget, he actually voted for a 1.6% increase yesterday, so he isn’t even keeping the low taxes promise.

  • Alex2

    Please Blair hurry up and put us out of our misery. Help us distance ourselves from the Ford empire. If left unchecked, the gangstas will take over.