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Newsstand: October 29, 2013

They call it a stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad. In the news: Rob Ford's delightful thoughts on the 2014 mayoral race, Doug Ford also offers his take on the future election, rules of the road for the e-bike, a TTC caution against passenger vigilantism, the (possible) return of photo radar, and Childish Gambino hits up Trinity Bellwoods.

matt newsstand gull

After city councillor and Toronto Transit Commission Chair Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence) officially announced her 2014 mayoral bid, Mayor Rob Ford told reporters that next year’s campaign is “going to be a bloodbath.” Most people, however, would be more inclined to pre-emptively label it a gong show. Tomato. Tomahto. So far only Stintz and former Scarborough councillor David Soknacki have pulled the trigger on joining the race. Former provincial Progressive Conservative leader John Tory is still hinting that he may join in on the shenanigans later, though. “I’m working on city stuff as a volunteer and I will keep doing that, and the universe will unfold as it should,” says Tory. Who knew the guy was so zen master these days?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) warns that the 2014 mayoral race is bound to be “dirty like it was last time” and full of “biased” media coverage. Thanks for the heads up, Tracy Flick.

Ever wonder what the rules of the road are for those clever little e-bikes you see puttering around the city? Well, Toronto Traffic Services breaks it down by saying that e-bikes can be driven in regular traffic and are subject the rules of the Provincial Traffic Act. As for whether or not they can use bike lanes, if the motor is engaged, it’s a big negative. The more you know.

A cell-phone video shared on Facebook, which captures a strange altercation between two passengers at the Davisville subway station, has TTC officials asking people not to take disputes into their own hands. Unless they’re Steven Seagal, of course.

Two words for you: Photo. Radar. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember how those sneaky little cameras angled to catch speeding drivers made people cringe in the ’90s. If you can’t remember the controversy about it, don’t rush off to Google just yet, because you might actually get the chance to experience if first hand. Yep. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair wants to bring it back, along with placing more cameras at intersections. Blair touts the technology as being a more cost-effective way to police traffic, and thinks it will help alleviate congestion within the city. Those of you irked out by the return of the cameras can breathe a little easier knowing that a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation says there are no plans to re-open a discussion about photo-radar legislation in the future.

If you are gainfully employed, you likely missed rapper Childish Gambino (also known as Donald Glover of the show Community) roll into Trinity Bellwoods Park to host an impromptu listening party for his upcoming album. Glover sent out a tweet announcing the gathering yesterday afternoon, and by 5 p.m., he met a congregation of fans to preview songs from his forthcoming album Because the Internet, which is set to be released on December 10. There seem to be a few mixed feelings about the whole deal over on Reddit. And they say nothing fun happens in the city that isn’t at the expense of a Ford brother.


  • James D Paterson

    I applaud the person on the train who shoved the guy away from the doors.

    Take matters into our own hands, and have the train resuming? Or sit idly by while we wait for TTC officials to mosey on down, after their coffee break, of course, to do absolutely nothing while waiting for actual police?

    I’d have done the exact same thing as the rider. Whether he was drunk, high, has a mental illness, or some combination of the three, is no excuse to act like a dick on a system that is already perpetually delayed.

    • Steveinto

      A world full of vigilantism is not a safe world.

      • James D Paterson

        Neither is a world without it.

        • Steveinto

          I beg to differ on that one. Vigilantes operate on gut feelings, rules and laws do not apply. Good judgement,reasoning and safety of others are mostly ignored.

          • torontothegreat

            /me thinks you don’t know what vigilante means

          • Steveinto

            I understand what they are and what it means. FYI


          • torontothegreat

            A good citizen is someone who just happens to be walking by when they see a crime, then stop it, then go about their life. A vigilante is someone who purposefully devotes their time to finding and stopping crime

            Calling a good citizen a vigilante is hyperbole, to say the least.

            P.S. Use a real definition if you want to FYI someone:

          • Steveinto

            Same definition, vigilantism is a danger to society and undermines it.

          • OgtheDim

            So stopping somebody from doing a crime is a danger to society?!?!

            Are you a cop or something?

            No, its not the same definition.

          • James D Paterson

            Agreed (to an extent), but someone interjecting themselves to stop a crime doesn’t always a vigilante make.

            If I came across some guy downtown beating on someone, and I jump in to stop the attacker from possibly killing that person, I’m a vigilante? Because just watching and assuming police will show up before anything more serious occurs is the non-vigilante way?

            You’ve got a weird opinion on vigilantism.

          • Steveinto

            . Your example is way off the subject of the video try not to interpret something that is not said.
            The video demonstrates how to cross the line into vigilantism. The fellow, possibly with mental issues, creates an inconvenient and likely fine-able offense. The fellow on the train crosses into committing a chargeable possibly criminal offense and assaults the person delaying the train. It did escalate into a dangerous situation saved only by the doors closing and stopping further criminal activity and personal injury. There was no justification for the assault, no one was in danger.

            Crisis management is best left to those who are trained in it.

            That is my weird take on vigilantism.

    • OgtheDim

      An altercation between two passengers usually holds the trains up even more.

      • James D Paterson

        Usually, sure, I agree with you. In this instance? Nope.

        • dsmithhfx

          Luckily for all concerned this disturbed person did not produce a weapon. Things can spiral out of control mighty fast. No word on whether the miscreant was arrested. However good his intentions may have been (or not), our ‘hero’ acted irresponsibly toward other passengers.

    • Tristan

      “mental illness… is no excuse”?

      What the fuck?

  • em_robin

    “As for whether or not they can use bike lanes, if the motor is engaged, it’s a big negative”

    I have yet to see an e-bike with it’s motor NOT engaged. Or be the least bit courteous…

    • HotDang

      I saw a guy pedaling one of those mighty plastic behemoths up yonge street once at 3 or 4 km / h. I assume his battery wore out.

  • tomwest

    Doug think it’s goign be a dirty fight. It will only be dirty if you make it that way Doug…

    • dsmithhfx

      Rob’s going into this covered in mud before anyone has even started throwing, and everyone knows it. I think that’s what Doug must mean.

      • tomwest

        Cue a mental image of Rob Ford mud wrestling…

        • vampchick21

          NO! OHDEARGODNO!!!!!!!! MINEEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • John D.

            As with the Tea Party loons in the U.S., it’s always projection when it comes to the likes of Rob and Doug Ford. Of course the upcoming election is going to be dirty as hell. How could it not be when these two thugs will do their level best to ensure just that outcome? And screeching all the while that they’re the real victims here, naturally…

  • tomwest

    In short: bike lanes are only for vehicles that are 100% human powered.