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Newsstand: October 28, 2013

This Monday goes out to all the Howie Dorough fans out there. You know who you are. In the news: Honest Ed's sold, Karen Stintz officially in the running, Lisi warrants could come out soon, a new report says sprawl is the worst, and a delay for a new St. Lawrence Market building.

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The site of Honest Ed’s has officially been sold. Vancouver-based real estate developers Westbank Properties will take possession of the block, located at Bloor and Bathurst streets, after an estimated two- or three-year-long approvals process. The iconic, twinkly store will stay open during that time. According to the Globe and Mail, Westbank Properties has a focus on residential, hotel, and office buildings—which doesn’t sound very focused to us. It has not revealed its plans for the site.

The race that Rob Ford has been running for three year is really on now, as Karen Stintz announced she will run for mayor in the next election. Stintz said she shares many of the mayor’s core beliefs, but thinks his leadership style might be a tad ineffective. Other potential mayoral hopefuls for the 2014 election include John Tory and Olivia Chow—but neither of them has officially thrown down the gauntlet.

Media lawyers will get a peek at the search warrants police had on the mayor’s friend Alessandro Lisi today. A judge will then decide what portion of the uncharacteristically long—480 pages!—document should be released to the media.

According to a report released Monday, sprawl is even worse than we thought. For people who move out to the suburbs in some sort of attempt to save money, there are hidden costs associated with that sprawl they’re settling into, like the cost of buying a car to traverse those sprawly mazes.

And the new north building at St. Lawrence Market won’t be completed until 2016—the project has already been pushed back twice..


  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    I wonder which of Ford’s core beliefs Stintz also holds: lie to the public enough and they’ll believe you; numbers are imaginary, especially is preceded by a dollar sign; never take responsibility, but take all the credit you can.

    • HotDang


    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Stintz is trying to postion herself as the “nice’ version of Ford. Of course, she’s trying to appeal to his supporters but there’s a lot of us who dislike Ford not merely because he’s incompetent and a liar but because he wanted to tear apart a government that worked. The attempt to sell off the Portlands, musing about uploading the TTC to the province, that trail balloon that Doug floated to see if people would oppose shutting down libraries — all are indicative of a populist “little or no government” approach. Ford discovered though, that people in TO actually like the services we get. Now we have Stintz saying she holds the same beliefs? It’s like 2010 al over again when Smitherman tried to “outFord” Rob Ford. I don’t want more Rob Ford, I don’t want a “nice” version of his policies. I want intelligent leadership with a vision. Saying “I’m for the other guys policies” isn’t much of a vision.

  • tomwest

    The whole suburbs-actually-cost-more-than-downtown-because-you-have-to-own-a-car argument is boring and wrong. I live in the suburbs without a car, making it cheaper then both downtown-without-a-car and suburbs-with-a-car.
    Now, excuse whil I shall go and spend my extra dispoable income on something

    • vampchick21

      Well, as you prove, you don’t need to own a car to live in the suburbs, but most people do, many have two cars.