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Karen Stintz Announces That She’ll Run for Mayor

TTC chair says Toronto needs a fiscal conservative who, unlike Ford, can also get things done.

“The David Miller years are still fresh in people’s minds and I think many people fear going back to a [David Miller mentality], which I believe would take us back. So it is a question for the city, ‘Are we going to go back, stand still or move forward?’”

—TTC chair and city councillor Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence), in an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun, explaining why she’ll run for mayor in 2014. Stintz was the public face of the council revolt against Rob Ford in the spring of 2012, overturning his wishes and restoring the key legacy project from David Miller’s mayoralty: a network of light rail lines. A year later, however, she led the charge to reopen that same decision in favour of a subway for Scarborough. Her relationship with the current mayor has become increasingly fraught, and he’s publicly said he regrets his decision to appoint her TTC chair.


  • leslieville

    Yeah, thos horrible David Miller years, when people respected the City of Toronto and it wasn’t in national headlines for a crack smokoing mayor.
    He was also horrible for getting the province to pay for HUGE AMOUNTS of rapid transit around the city, that has been transitioned to 3 subway stations that will be on the taxpayers liability list for decades to come….

    Man, I miss Mayor Miller.

    • Casey Boudreau

      I don’t think we need to worry about those subway stations until ground is broken. I doubt they will ever happen. The next mayor (who hopefully will not be named Ford), will probably kill the whole thing and we’ll be back to square one.

      • OgtheDim

        That would require a Liberal majority in the next provincial election – can’t see that happening.

        (Don’t get me started on how bad for transit the NDP actually are)

  • lovetoronto

    SO disappointed in Karen Stintz. If she were a true Torontonian who only wished for the common good for ALL, she would not be so “political” in all of her recent moves on council. A true council member would be outspoken no matter the cost to their reputation.

    • OgtheDim

      Yes, because, of course nobody else who will be running ever did anything just to sound good in front of the microphones……

      • Lee Zamparo

        Yeah but some posturing has more dire consequences than others.

        • OgtheDim

          I’d like to think that and then I remember what our mayor has been doing for the past …well all his life.

    • mytwocentsworth

      What got to me was Stintz’s excuse for her change of mind, which goes something like this: ‘Because the money from the Feds became available, I was persuaded (pressured into) to support the subway extension.’
      Not because of what is best for taxpayers, or most TTC travellers. She fell into the trap set by Harper, Flaherty and Ford. That doesn’t impress me.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    How awful it would be to go back to the Miller years…….imagine: a Mayor who actually used his brain, worked hard and was both a graduate of Harvard and the U of T. Really, Ms Stintz, you’re not going to do well if you set out to mine the Rob Ford quotebook. Aping Ford didn’t work for Smitherman and it won’t work for you. You say you you can work with others and then you drop this bon mot? Many of us respected Miller, who understood and loved this city. You might do well to remember that, if you want our votes.

    • OgtheDim

      Real Politik. The word Miller will sit in some people’s craws for awile, unfortunately.

      What that interview tells me is that Stintz thinks Ford is toast and Chow is her main opponent. She’s been indicating that in subtle ways since the whole crack video thing began. Poltiically, she has to announce this run with the Sun and stake the claim on the right first to get credibilty in what will be her base. Otherwise, Ford paints her as an agent of the Red Star or the Socialist Globe and Stintz is on the defensive from the get go.

      In a Chow vs. Sintz scenario, these things are important. I believe Ford’s support is deep with about 12% of the voters and only an inch deep with the other 20-35% who say they think he’s doing OK. I also believe there is now a desire in this city for a mayor who has a vision, and who wants to do something and can do that with less drama and while maintaining basic morality and basic competence – that desire is shared across the politcial spectrum. On, the right of centre, if they see alternatives, see that they can have the cake of frugality and not have to have so much time wasting drama, then Ford’s support drops to his rabid base. The challenge for Chow is to capture enough of those people, without upsetting her base on the left, to put her past the 45% mark that will probably be needed to win.

      Regardless, Ford is in trouble. Up until now, he can say what he wants in reaction to things that happen and by and large get by because there are no seen alternatives. Next year is another matter. He will not have the right of centre to himself. He will likely lose the support of the Sun through the crucial January to August window where the right will be attempting to coalesce in the face of Chow. His team is inexperienced and chosen due to loyalty over competency – they will make mistakes, and will become the story. He is already on the defensive but in a campaign, he will get attacked on his morality and on the company he keeps. He has to react to his record and, although he might think he has a good one, he doesn’t have enough support due to only that to win again.

      Interesting times.

      • bobloblawbloblawblah

        A good point. She absolutely needs the soft center right vote that Ford got in 2010. His “nation” will stay with him but there’s a lot of people who are tired of the constant drama around Ford and will vote for the strong alternative. It’s interesting that Stintz is declaring hr intention to run now — she’s probably concerned about a possible John Tory candidacy. Coming out strong now might make him reconsider. If Stintz wants to win though she’ll need to get the votes of people who voted for Miller and want an end to the tiresome bickering that’s taken place in the last three years. How she handles herself in a long campaign will make the difference in that regard. It’s going to be a very interesting race for Mayor.

  • dsmithhfx

    Stintz’s bungling of the Scarborough transit file undermined her carefully constructed public persona of someone who can “get things done”. She’s going to need to pull off a more spectacular, compelling and successful stunt between now and the election in order to rise above the background noise (or the crack video will have to surface). But, if she can bleed off some of Ford’s support, more power to her and fellow center-right travelers.

    • Casey Boudreau

      I agree with this. I was a much bigger fan of her in the beginning of this process, when she first stood up to Ford. This “subway-LRT-subway-LRT” thing has really annoyed me. I doubt very much I will vote for any of the incumbents in the election next year, I strongly believe they have all been more motivated by their own glory seeking than seriously addressing the transit needs of the city.

      And the reason Rob Ford got voted in is because the Ford Nation actually voted. All of the rabid anti Fordists need to actually vote next year. If you don’t, we might have four more years of his buffoonery.

  • OgtheDim

    Didn’t think she’d do it. She usually is so risk averse.

    Should have quoted this:

    “We’re different people with different views around what it means to work for the city and work for the people,” Stintz said. “If Ford gets
    re-elected we will stand still for four years.”

    She wants to be the right wing alternative to Chow here. She has one thing going for her – better name recognition then anybody else on the right but Ford. But, I just don’t see a path to the mayoralty for Stitnz. Socknaki and DMW can play the tax avoidance card that she can’t. Between those 3 and Ford, that splits the right a lot. She has to be hoping that Ford is torpedoed by some news or by some sort of morals based campaign that gets traction, and the other right wing candidates don’t get traction outside of their riding. I can see Ford getting torpedoed easily, especially if DMW is in this thing. But, her campaign is based on the subtle nuance between not being Miller, not being Ford and not being DMW.

    Voters need more then that

    What is she?

    Who is she?

    What sort of mayor will she be?

    Will see in the next few months if she can articulate that but she had to do more then say she’s not Rob Ford and not Olivia Chow.

  • OgtheDim

    The Radio show should be interesting.

    What do we talk about, apart from the Leafs and the Argos?



    Anything else to fill the time?

    • dsmithhfx

      [classic rock] We have to cancel all the “streetcars” and build subways, but first out in the boondocks. [classic rock] It won’t cost the taxpayers a dime because private sector and gravy. We’re going to lower the tax increase. [classic rock] It will be a smaller increase than Miller, because we have to get rid of the unions. We should have a football stadium. [Dave from Scarborough] The TCHC gravy headquarters. Gravy. Subways. Football. [classic rock]

      • Drew

        That is the actual show.

  • istoronto

    Her comment about the Miller years pretty much guarantees lost votes. Miller is consider by many to have been our best mayor in recent years and one of our best ever.

    • dsmithhfx

      Ford makes Miller look good, but Miller made Ford mayor.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Her obviously idiotic comment aside, I welcome as many right-wingers to run for mayor as possible. Please, split the vote. Thank you for killing Ford’s re-election in the womb.

    • HotDang

      Even if she takes away 5% of the vote from Ford she has done the city a huge favour.

  • tomwest

    So Karen doesn’t want to go back to the David Millers years that produced the LRT plan she chose (over the Mayor’s plan), and obtained funding for the same.