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It Has Now Been 20 Years Since the Last Time the Blue Jays Won the World Series

Two decades later, the stars have yet to realign for Toronto's home team.

This was supposed to be a good year for the Blue Jays, but, in the end, the much-vaunted new lineup couldn’t find its stride. The team placed last in its division, leaving fans with nothing to do but sit back and watch another team with a colour in its name go to the 2013 World Series.

Things were much different 20 years ago, yesterday. On October 23, 1993, the Blue Jays had their finest moment ever: in game six of that year’s World Series against the Phillies, Joe Carter hit a legendary walk-off home run that won the championship for the Jays—their second World Series win in two years. For nostalgia’s sake, a video of that incredible hit is embedded above. You can even watch the whole game on YouTube, if you want. Or, you could read our post about the team’s very first season, which was worse than this one.