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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford on the 2014 Election

Next up on the mayor's agenda: subways for Sheppard and Finch, because "the downtown people have enough subways already."

“Obviously the next election’s going to be fought, again, on subways. I want to connect McCowan [the Scarborough subway extension council just voted on] to Don Mills to the Sheppard line, do that. Then I’m going to go to Finch, and look at the Downtown Relief Line. But to be fair, the downtown people have enough subways already. I think it’s only time to treat everyone equally—in Scarborough, in North York, Etobicoke. Everyone deserves subways here.”

—Lest anyone think that, Scarborough subway vote won, Toronto might revert to apolitical transit planning based on the best available advice—TTC CEO Andy Byford says the DRL must be our single biggest transit priority—and pull together as a city rather than give way to regional grudges, Rob Ford was quick to clarify. He went on CP24 on Friday to lay out his view of how this week’s council meeting went, and his key priority for the 2014 election.


  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    I’m going to call the ACME cartoon props company and see if I can arrange for a piano or anvil to fall on Mayor Dirtbag.

  • Steveinto

    Clearly this person acting as a mayor has no idea how the TTC operates, who uses it, how to use it, how many people rely on it. He is so out of touch with reality.

    • Geoff

      Complete and total nonsense, people only use the subway to get around their own neighbourhoods. The downtowners use the subway to go downtown from the downtown, the people of Scarborough use it to get around Scarborough, etc. The people of Scarborough who work downtown hop off at Victoria Park station and walk the rest of the way.

      • MER1978

        Ah yes all people living in Scarborough work there.. Right.

        • vampchick21

          As pointed out by others, sarcasm. :)

      • Steveinto

        You too are out of touch. I can only assume you drive a car and never use transit.
        If I were to believe your theory why do we need subways? or transit for that matter.

        • Lee Zamparo


      • Aporia27

        You have clearly never been on the subway in rush hour, when hoards of people pour in or out of Toronto, crammed into subways on the Yonge line, waiting until the second, third, or even fourth train to get on the subway, overcrowding the platforms at Yonge and Bloor…

      • OgtheDim

        Sarcasm didn’t get noticed by a few it seems.

  • citizenontherun

    Ford needs to actually take his beloved subways so he can get a better idea on how to reduce congestion.

  • Dogma

    I’m imagining Rob Ford as the Easter Bunny, hopping along and doling out Subways to all the little boys and girls.

    But hey, if Torontonians want to add billions to the city’s debt and pay hundreds of dollars more a year in one-off-subway tax fees and increased fees for the ongoing cost of running money losing subway lines, then I say yee-haw, bring on them subways.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      The problem is the disconnect people have with how transit is run. Most people don’t seem to understand that there is a huge operating cost for transit, particularly subways. That’s why subways aren’t built where there are small numbers using it. Ford banks on this ( I suspect that our buffoon Mayor doesn’t understand the whole capital costs and operating costs too) and makes wild promises to areas of the city that hope for better transit. Ford merely has to talk about a subway line along Finch West and those people see him as sticking up for better transit for them. That a subway is unrealistic for Finch West doesnt matter. Ford’s “wish-fulfillment” shtick works — people resent being told they can’t have something and will vote for that guy says they should have it. It creates further resentment when another does get that subway. I resent the way Ford and his goon brother have divided this city.

    • OgtheDim

      Only if he uses Deco money to pay for the bunny suit.

      Like he uses Deco money to pay for unethical robo calls.

  • Aporia27

    There simply aren’t enough people living on Finch to justify spending money on a subway. We as Torontonians and Ontarians will already be spending $1 billion for each subway stop on the proposed Scarborough line. And a man who campaigns on cutting the waste wants to build a white elephant on Finch because “people deserve it”. For him, the only two options are cars or subways, but sometimes we should go with the options in between – LRTs and dedicated bus lanes. Anything else is just poor urban planning and extravagant spending.

    • andrew97

      Are there are enough people living at 400 & Highway 7 to justify one? Because you can go there right now and see the big, fat subway that they are getting.

      Seriously, the LRT brigade needs to learn a very important lesson: cost-effectiveness DOES NOT MATTER. If the last 10 years of transit planning have taught us nothing else, it is that the money will always be found for whatever harebrained, grotesquely expensive transit scheme happens to have the support of the politicians. Plus, as we have seen in Scarborough and elsewhere, cost-effectiveness goes over like a lead balloon with voters. Please, for the love of God, can we drop this failure of a talking point.

      • OgtheDim


        Cause to drop it would be to give in to stupidity. And then we just do more stupid stuff.

        Eventually, people learn.

        • andrew97

          So just to clarify, the “smart” team’s strategy is to do the same thing over and over, and hope it works someday?

          • vampchick21

            Well, to teach small children things like math and reading and writing, how do we do it? By showing the basics over and over and having them do it over and over. Some learn faster than others.

      • Aporia27

        Dropping it would mean giving up on any reasoned debate on transit planning in this city, and just going with ‘subways, subways, subways’.

        • andrew97

          No. The solution is to make good transit an aspirational choice. People vote emotionally, not logically. Team LRT appealed to logic, which is why subways are winning the debate.

  • wklis

    Everyone works the same way as Rob Ford does. Comes in after 10 AM, after the morning rush. Leave early, or on the rare occasion, after 6 PM. And, of course, everyone goes on the subway to have someone take photographs of themselves riding the subway near midnight.

    • John D.

      And most of Ford’s actual “work” seems to revolve around posing for photo ops and participating in p.r. stunts, as opposed to boring, stuffy elitist crap like governing.

  • markfrancis228

    What the hell are ‘downtown people’ anyway? I don’t even live in Toronto, and I go downtown, like many in the GTA…

  • sol_chrom

    Clearly, I’ve been thinking about this subway thing all wrong. It’s not a mode of transit — it’s a tool for misinformation, pandering, setting one part of the city against another, and ramping up toxic currents of resentment. *smacks forehead*

  • adamd1

    I am overstating the obvious here, but Rob Ford once again has absolutely no effing idea what he’s talking about. At all.

  • Butch

    Sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich, I just can’t understand what the hell is going on in his head. I was (un)lucky enough to meet him when I was in a courthouse dealing with a ticket a few weeks ago and as he walked past me, I told him that he doesn’t know how to run the city properly and I’m ashamed of having to associate living here with him.

    He chuckled, called me a Commie Pinko and kept walking past me. How people like him is just as confusing as to what he is doing saying this crap in the first place.


    Build Eglinton Line as a subway.

    • OgtheDim

      It is for most of it.

      An LRT is just a form of train.

      • I LOVE YOU!

        “It is for most of it.” It is for the non-Scarborough parts of it. “An LRT is just a form of train.” A train that runs on the middle of the road in the Scarborough portions of it. Bury the entire line.

        • Conservative Astroturf Brigade

          Scarborough is already getting a subway. It has enough subways. It is time to treat everyone equally, and part of that is that we now focus on a different part of the city. When we come back to Scarborough in 50 years or so, then we’ll talk about Eglinton.

        • OgtheDim

          Last I checked, Eglinton and Don Mills was not in Scarborough.

          You might want to consider the whole world isn’t about your town.

  • Crowie

    What is this, Oprah? “YOU get a subway! YOU get a subway! And YOU get a subway!…”

    • wklis

      In the States, those “free” gifts aren’t actually free. They have to pay income tax.

      Same here. You want those subways, you have to pay for them.

  • Lee Zamparo

    Dear lord, I hope no candidate is dense enough to let RF dictate the framing of this election on subways. We’ve already seen that a large swath of the voting public will happily vote for the Crazy Promises Brigade, bankrupt the city and damn the eventual tunnel maintenance costs.

    • dsmithhfx

      He can call it anything he wants, but Rob Ford is running on a platform of ‘I’m gonna spend your money like a drunken sailor, run the debt into the stratosphere, and you don’t care if I smoke crack with kids.’ (though he probably doesn’t know “stratosphere”).

  • citizenontherun

    I think we can strap him to the front, like a deer. ;)

  • johndot

    Any remaining Ford supporter who hangs in after giving that quote sink lots of time to sink in, is in need of professional help.

  • Aporia27

    Sorry – I missed that. It is sometimes hard to separate sarcasm from things Ford supporters might actually say.

  • vampchick21

    Read again in Homer Simpson’s Sarcastic Voice.

  • vampchick21

    Does Ford not understand that those of us who chose to live and work downtown take surface transit far more than we do subways? And does he not grasp that the subways service business areas and not residential (for the most part)? Does he not see that people are mainly getting on the subway at the far ends and coming downtown to work? That they are taking buses to the subway station? That a downtown relief line is for suburban commuters and not downtown commuters? WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?????? I’ve half a mind to go down to city hall with brightly coloured maps to show him exactly how the subway is used and exactly what surrounds said subway stations.