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Duly Quoted: David Soknacki

The former councillor wants to run for mayor in 2014; here he takes on police services and the City's budget.

“[E]ach Torontonian pays more for policing than almost any other provincial resident. In return we have the second-highest number level of officers and staff per capita. Unfortunately that high cost and number of officers does not produce satisfactory results. Our rate of crime is about average…nor is our force adept at catching criminals. Toronto’s police service has the lowest rate of solving violent crime, an unenviable record it has held for the last three years.”

—One-time councillor and would-be mayoral candidate David Soknacki, in an op/ed published this morning on police costs in Toronto. Soknacki is trying to carve out space in the political landscape as someone who is fiscally conservative but less, shall we say, dramatic than Rob Ford. Policing is the single biggest line item in Toronto’s annual operating budget, and though Ford has prided himself on implementing budget cuts at departments and agencies across municipal services, the police budget has grown during his term.