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Vandalist: All Washed Up

Graffiti is cleaning up its act.

washed up

BY: Unknown
PHOTO BY: Lisa Dejong
FIELD NOTES: The constant cycle of graffiti and cleansing is perhaps infuriating to some (property owners and art lovers alike), but it’s the fleeting beauty of street art that makes us really appreciate special pieces like this one. This work embodies that cycle, both in terms of the act of cleaning taking place in the image, and in that it’s already peeling off the wall, making way, eventually, for a new piece. As in life, you have to appreciate this stuff, because you never know when it will be gone.

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  • HotDang

    So the kids represents the wall, and the mom washing her hair represents graffiti? I don’t agree with your interpretation of this work. I think it’s more about a depressed kid learning to deal with their parent’s self-centeredness.