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TIFF 2013 Scenes: The Love Punch, The Right Kind of Wrong, and Cold Eyes

In which the red carpet loosens up for the festival's closing weekend.


Thursday and Friday of TIFF are when the festival starts to wind down a bit, which meant that Emma Thompson, at the premiere of her comedy The Love Punch, decided to get absolutely hammered. If it were anybody else we would mock them mercilessly, but it is Emma Thompson and she is an international goddamned treasure and we love her so…well, we still made fun of her, but we really, really tried to be nice about it.

Elsewhere, the red carpets were rolled out for Canadian romcom The Right Kind of Wrong and Korean thriller Cold Eyes, which meant the likes of Will Sasso and Jung Woo-sung were treated, for a night, like Brad Pitt and George Clooney (if George Clooney had shown up to promote his damn movie and no, we’re not bitter about that, why don’t you love our city George, whyyyyyyy) and honestly, it’s kind of awesome to see perfectly good non-famous non-American actors treated like Hollywood royalty, which is one of the few good things about the non-stop TIFF media orgy.

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