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Newsstand: September 4, 2013

Hey there. Some news while you wait: Porter Airlines proposes an extended runway that will supposedly reduce the noise of the jets it wants to get, 2500 city jobs are unfilled, an old lady was allegedly tasered by Peel Region Police, and Le Dolci bakery employees oh so gingerly went back to work yesterday.

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As city staff roll out a public consultation to gauge Torontonians’ opinions on Porter Airlines’ bid to fly jets at the island airport, the suits at Porter have thrown another proposal into the mix. In a letter sent to city officials yesterday, they proposed adding another 32 metres to both ends of the existing runway—a change that would extend the runway a total of 200 metres into the lake on either side, but also, they say, help cushion and reduce airplane noise. The extended runway would, apparently, have no impact on boating in the harbour.

As city council revs up for another round of (always fun!) budget talks, the budget committee was informed yesterday that the City of Toronto is experiencing a shortage of staff, particularly in jobs related to planning, health, and information technology. Apparently, 2,500 jobs are unfilled—a gap that is expected to contribute to the City’s forecasted surplus. And yes, that sound you just heard was the resounding “WTF?!?” from Toronto’s unemployed and underemployed residents everywhere.

In the midst of all the buzz around the provincial decision to allow all frontline police officers to carry tasers, it’s being reported that an 80-year-old Mississauga woman was sent to hospital with a fractured hip last week after having been allegedly tasered by Peel Regional Police. The Special Investigations Unit is investigating. This, too—assuming it’s true—will probably spur a big old “WTF” from pretty much everyone ever.

Staff at Toronto bakery Le Dolci—the spot that made the now infamous maple bacon jam that went into those sickness-inducing cronut burgers— quietly returned to work yesterday, though they have yet to resume baking. They are apparently planning an open house wherein people can sample their non-maple-bacon treats. They are still awaiting permission from Toronto Public Health to officially reopen.


  • Testu

    Regarding the staffing shortage, the mayor specifically said he intended to reduce the city budget by lowering staffing levels through attrition ( ). So it looks like our shortage is entirely intentional.

    • vampchick21

      Lower staff levels = more work for existing staff = overworked and stressed out staff. I’d rather not have overworked, overloaded, stressed out city employees. This is the key point that people who share Ford’s mindset always miss. Sure, you save money on salaries and benefits, but you lose in the end.

      • Testu

        I’m not suggesting this is good in any way, for all the reasons you’ve mentioned.

        I’m just pointing out that this appears to have been entirely intentional, and was widely publicized as part of Ford’s platform back in 2010. I’m not sure why it’s any surprise that three years later we have a large staffing shortage.

        • vampchick21

          I think the surprise is that it’s actually affecting work at the city, which is always the case in my experience.

      • OgtheDim

        That mindset would suggest that there are too many staff not doing enough.

        Then they would say something about watering plants.

        The answer to that of course is the major HR costs in the city are TPS and TTC.

        • vampchick21

          Yeah, I used to work for a guy with that mindset. It was a graphic design company and at one point the entire design department was reduced to one overworked woman close to a breakdown as she tried to keep up with client demands and the boss’ demands. He even let his EA go and didn’t bother to hire a new one, just expected the rest of the staff to pick up her work, including the VP. Eventually the company ended up bankrupt.

          • OgtheDim

            Strangely enough, I’m pretty sure Deco doesn’t quite run that way. Otherwise, Rob would actually be doing the job of CFO.

            But then personal need at Deco always seems to be a given while the needs of others is to be scrutinized