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Newsstand: September 27, 2013

Set your lasers on Friday and get ready to dance. But first, the news: pandas bring in the big bucks, fire at a TCHC building, shooting arrests, and a rally for Greenpeace activists.

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If the words “overnight panda sleepover” don’t sound like a terrifying and mystical way to spend an evening, then you might be one of the 1.2 million people who have visited the Toronto Zoo so far this year. Though attendance is slightly lower than the zoo projected, the number of adult visitors paying a visit is high, which has brought in more cash than they expected. Because adults make money, the zoo charges them more than kids for entry. And because adults love pandas, and the zoo’s got pandas, the zoo gets adults.

A fire in a downtown TCHC building has sent one person to hospital with serious burns. No other injuries have been reported yet from the Carlton and Bleecker street buidling. There is no word yet on how the fire started.

Homicide police have arrested eight people in connection with a series of shootings that left four people dead. Police called the case “crazy,” telling reporters that some of the shootings seemed to be totally at random.

Supporters of Greenpeace activists recently jailed in Russia will rally Friday morning at Toronto’s Russian consulate. Twenty-eight people were sent to jail, including two Canadians, after they tried to climb onto an oil platform set up by Russia’s state oil company in Arctic waters. None of the detained have been charged with anything.


  • blearghhh

    So what we’re saying is that there was a big fire right around the corner from my place and I didn’t notice it at all. Good to know.

  • James D Paterson

    Oh Greenpeace. You’re on par with PETA in terms of actions; meaning, extreme actions that generate zero sympathy for you. Can’t we just declare them a terrorist group and be done with it?

    • HotDang

      I’d prefer to declare anyone who drills for oil in arctic waters to be a terrorist group.

    • vampchick21

      Say what now? We can’t just go calling groups terrorists willy-nilly now. That’s what THEY want us to do!

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Greenpeace’s goal isn’t to generate sympathy for Greenpeace, it’s to grab your attention and point it at things like oil rigs. Which – hey – they achieved.

  • vampchick21

    I’m not overtly excited about pandas, but if they could get a big pile of tiger cubs, I’d pay the Zoo Admittance fee EVERY SINGLE DAY. Plus extra to snorf said tiger cubs with a written promise not to sue when tiger cubs eat my face.

    • KRoberts

      Totally with you on that – give the people what they want – CATS, large cats! meow :3

      • vampchick21

        If you’re looking for me, I’ll be at the tiger habitat trying to get them to play with the dangly toy……..