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Newsstand: September 19, 2013

Has anyone else noticed that this week is completely endless? Onto the news: Metrolinx is investigating the aggressive behaviour of the Mayor's director of operations and logistics (you may remember him from such incidents as ALWAYS BEING REALLY ANGRY), a new task force will report on how to raise money for added city transit, the TCHC continues to be riddled with problems, and the elephants adjust to their new transport crates.

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A string of troubling incidents involving Mayor Rob Ford’s director of operations and logistics’s behaviour at the Georgetown GO station are being investigated by Metrolinx. Complaints of David Price acting in an abusive manner towards GO station staff apparently date back to November 2012, and just kept on coming after that. One alleged incident involves Price telling an employee to “f— off” (he missed his train, you see) and breaking a door. This, to refresh your memory, is the same guy who blew up at a Toronto newspaper for breaking the story that he, prior to getting hired by the mayor, repeatedly called Rob Ford’s Newstalk 1010 radio show to praise him. The same guy who disappeared from City Hall for about two weeks after uttering a homophobic slur to a CBC reporter. Annnd,to your horror and mine, the same guy who makes an estimated $130,000 annual salary. Life’s not fair, kids.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced yesterday that a new task force will explore the matter of how to raise money to build $34-billion worth of subways, light-rail lines, and commuter trains in Toronto. The task force will report back on its findings in December. Although the issue has already been studied—arguably ad nauseum—Wynne said that the task force might be able to bolster public support for funding transit through new taxes or fees, something Metrolinx failed to do.

Problems at the Toronto Community Housing Corporation just won’t quit. Gene Jones, hired to head and help redeem the scandal-plagued TCHC last year, said yesterday that the organization is investigating further allegations of wrong-doing.

In the sweetest/saddest news you’ll probably hear all day: Trainers of the beloved Toronto Zoo elephant trio now scheduled to retire to a California sanctuary are concerned. They feel that new crates sent over by the PAWS facility to transport the animals have upset the long-practiced training regime they used to prepare the elephants for their post-Thanksgiving trip. The training was done using a different version of the crates, sent over by PAWS last year.


  • andrew97

    Task forces, folks. The people want task forces. Task forces, task forces, task forces.

  • HotDang

    Can you go see the elephants before they are shipped off? I feel bad for them having to live in Toronto, but I also don’t want to miss out on the opportunity while it exists. I am so conflicted!

  • istoronto

    Sure would like to know what Price does to earn $130,000 of taxpayer’s money? All we’ve heard from the Ford brothers is, it’s nobody’s business and you can’t buy loyalty. I’m beginning to believe in the rumours that they’re all Freemason looking out for one another.

    • Jacob

      But Rob Ford is the most transparent and accountable mayor in the history of Toronto! Right?

    • vampchick21

      apparently he monitors how quickly staff respond to emails. For $130K a year.

      • HotDang

        Geez. I could write a computer program to do that that would only cost $129K per year.