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Extra, Extra: Expensive Chairs, Failing Burger Chains, and Columnists’ Moms

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One of the chairs in question. Image from the City’s briefing note.

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  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Design and taste are out of Rob Ford’s comprehension.

  • wklis

    How long would a cheaper chair last? The original chairs lasted since 1965.

  • John D.

    So, our childish, crude, bullying asshole of a Mayor is deliberately muddying the facts in this latest example of evil City Hall “gravy” solely to inflate his own reputation? And this immediately after he single-handedly engineered a prohibitively expensive subway boondoggle that’s never going to adequately serve the constituency it’s supposed to help, and will take something like 30 years to pay off? I gotta say, I can almost admire the sheer, hypocritical gall of the man.

    • dsmithhfx

      There’s much to admire!

      • Paul Lloyd Johnson

        I’m guessing you’re referring to his vast gut?

  • tongjun