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Weekend Newsstand: August 3, 2013

No need to adjust your computer screen; yes, it is already the August long weekend, and yes, your life is passing you by. In the news: another piece of the crack tape puzzle, replacing Doug Holyday, more questions about Sammy Yatim's death, and the mystery around a young aboriginal woman's death.

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After Friday’s updates to the ongoing saga of Mayor Rob Ford and the tale of of the crack video, another: the Toronto Sun are reporting that former members of the mayor’s staff were interviewed by police after the Project Traveller raids. The police won’t say outright if there’s any connection between the mayor and the raids, which targeted the neighbourhood where the alleged video was shot, and resulted in the arrest of one of the men who showed reporters the video. But the ex-staffer interviewed by the police told the newspaper that police admitted they were trying to “connect the dots.”

Sammy Yatim’s family is asking why a taser was used on the 18-year-old after he had been shot at nine times. The SIU is only investigating the officer that fired the gun, but the Globe points out that Yatim was still alive when he was tasered, and confirm the SIU could investigate that action too.

We won’t know the strategy for filling Doug Holyday’s seat in city council after he was elected to provincial legislature in a by-election Thursday. But we do know that we won’t know until October 8, when council next meets. And we do know Mayor Ford prefers a by-election over appointing someone. And we do know a by-election could cost $225,000. So we know some stuff.

Friends and family of a woman who died last month after falling off a condo balcony are searching for answers. Twenty-five-year-old Bella Laboucan-McLean was with six people the night she died, but no one is saying what happened, leaving police to wonder if the incident was an accident, a homicide, or a suicide. Laboucan-McLean was a Lubicon Cree from Alberta who was attending fashion school in Toronto. She is the third First Nations woman to have died under suspicious circumstances in Toronto in the last few months.

And get your kicks driving through King and Spadina this weekend, because come Tuesday it’s closed for two weeks to replace streetcar tracks.


  • tomwest

    “She is the third First Nations woman to have died under suspicious circumstances in Toronto in the last few months.”
    How many non-First Nations women have died under suspicious circumstances in Toronto in the last few months?

    • torontothegreat

      a) what’s that go to do with the price of tea is china?
      b) Aboriginal women are 5-7x more likely to die of violence.

      The easy answer is, not as many.

      • tomwest

        To answer (a), I wanted to know whether (b) was true or not. Are First Nations women significantly more likely to die under under suspicious circumstances in Toronto than non-First Nations women? Some hard figures (looking at you Torontoist!) would be very useful.

        • torontothegreat


          • tomwest

            “LMGTFY” means what exactly??

          • tomwest

            Oh the irony… I googled “LMGTFY”…
            I did try and find such numebrs before posting my original comment. No luck.

  • Shauna

    Is it more sad because you think she was beautiful?