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The Rob Ford Radio Recap: Live From the CNE

Every Sunday, Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug host The City, a two-hour talk show on Newstalk 1010. We listen so you don't have to.

Rob and Doug Ford host their weekly radio show from outside the Direct Energy Centre on August 18.

It’s The City, and this time the Fords are broadcasting from a portable radio kiosk at the CNE! Oh, boy—Toronto’s favourite novelty brother act will be doing its shtick, and the Superdogs are right next door. Grab some cotton candy, and let’s listen in.

1:08: Doug tells us Rob will be late, because Rob is on his way back from Niagara Falls. He was there on Saturday for a football game.

1:12: Doug derides “80 per cent of councillors” because he feels they couldn’t earn more than $105,000 in the private sector. (Councillors make a little over $104,000 a year.) I disagree. I think 100 per cent of councillors could earn more than $105,000 a year, provided they inherited a sticker company worth millions.

1:16: Doug cites Ronald Reagan, thus kicking off another game of Doug Ford Bingo.

1:17: Doug repeats his habitual boast that, under the Ford administration, Toronto balanced its books for the first time ever. Actually, Toronto has balanced its budget every year in its history. The City is legally required to do so.

1:21: Doug is asked a question about urban planning by an audience member. The councillor for Ward 2 responds that he wants to use landfill on Lake Ontario to extend the waterfront. Doug should stop getting his waterfront ideas from Simpsons episodes.

1:45: Doug welcomes caller Kim onto the show, and asks her to have her say. Kim corrects Doug and says he’s a guy, and the councillor says, “No problem.” Kim then asks how Rob and Doug get along so well, and how he—that is, Kim—and his brother can match that relationship. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

1:47: John calls in, and he doesn’t like the Toronto Star. He says that the paper is just creating news and that its outright harassment of the Fords has to stop. He adds, “Mayor Rob Ford is the most fantastic mayor I’ve seen in my 54 years.” So take that, Fred Beavis.

Doug adds that the Star is even giving away its product for free at the Ex, which, he says, shows you how desperate they are. Mind you, I suppose that’s what the Fords are doing too, only their product is a brand of populism that’s out of touch with reality.

1:55: Whoa, Rob joins the show! Only an hour late! Best mayor ever!

1:58: Rita from the Durham region calls in to complain about skyrocketing rents, and Rob doesn’t seem familiar with the subject. Doug says he’s sympathetic to all those renters out there, but at least the high rent is good for investors. Rob adds that with low interest rates, landlords are begging for tenants and will offer perks, like a free month’s rent. Rob Ford is absolutely wrong, as anyone who has spent 20 minutes on PadMapper can attest.

2:28: Rob’s guest, a high-school football commentator, discusses the military grenades he owns. Doug then says he wants to borrow those grenades and use them on certain councillors. What’s scary is that for any politician with dignity or shame, this kind of statement would be scandalous—but for Doug Ford, it’s a cliché.

2:29: After some CNE food is brought to their table, Rob hears “Corona” when a Cronut Burger is offered to him, and he doesn’t understand what a cronut is. This is further proof that he doesn’t read the Grid.

2:38: Harry calls in and says he supports Porter Airlines’ proposed expansion of Billy Bishop Airport. He wonders, how do Rob and Doug feel about it? By golly, they both support it too.

2:39: Doug says 80 per cent of people support the airport expansion, which is untrue.

2:41: Tom has parking issues, and Doug thinks it’s crazy that the caller has to get permission from the City to install a parking pad. Of course, parking pads reduce on-street parking and increase pressure on the sewage system (because the pad doesn’t absorb storm water), but hey, we can just blame someone else for that later, right?

2:43: Laura from the Annex says she didn’t like Rob Ford at first, but now she really does. She feels the media beats up on him, that he was just enjoying a few beers among the people during last week’s Taste of the Danforth festival, and that he didn’t drink and drive. Laura’s take is very charitable: the incident was not an isolated one, and Rob has not explained where and when he had his “two beers,” at what point he got intoxicated, or why he missed the scheduled launch of the festival, only to be seen tipsy next to his car an hour later. If this hints at a mayor driving under the influence—a crime for which he has previously been convicted—then that’s a problem beyond “boys will be boys.”

2:46 An ad for Scientology comes on the air, providing a metaphor that’s way too easy.

2:47: Rob gives out bear hugs at the CNE, and Doug calls him the “bear mayor.” I believe Pride Toronto would disagree.

2:48: Rob says the City is spending less money this year than the year before, which is untrue.

2:49: Rob says the City has been strike-free for three years, which is untrue.

3:00: And God bless Ford Nation!

I feel like there was something missing from this show. Oh, right, the allegations that Rob’s close friends consume and deal drugs, drive him around on nights when he’s intoxicated, sought the infamous crack video, and have faced repeated accusations of assaulting women. Yeah, somehow that didn’t come through in the show. Afterwards, when members of the media had the chance to ask questions about the allegations, all the mayor offered was “no comment.”

One out of five cronuts.


  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    “Doug derides “80 per cent of councillors” because he feels they couldn’t earn more than $105,000 in the private sector. (Councillors make a little over $104,000 a year.) I disagree. I think 100 per cent of councillors could earn more than $105,000 a year, provided they inherited a sticker company worth millions.”

    It’s valuable insight like this that has me looking forward to this article each week. I’ve actually listened to the Fords radio show. It’s both irritating and banal. The non-stop self congratulations and faux populism on “The City” would make any thinking person scream. It’s truly astounding how many times “which is untrue” appears in this article, then again the Twin Mayors never met a fact that they didn’t ignore.

  • OgtheDim

    Doug looks so …….happy.

    • dsmithhfx

      Rob looks pouty, like he just found out his BFF beats up women, and his other BFF is in jail for threatening to kill his own mum. With friends like these, eh?

  • Jacob

    “Doug adds that the Star is even giving away its product for free at the Ex, which, he says, shows you how desperate they are.”

    Wow. Whatever every paper in the city does at big public events. The Sun even harassed me for a “free” paper while grocery shopping.

  • michaelgreason

    When I was 14 years old The Star and Telegram both gave away free copies at the Ex. They came in a bag with the papers’ logos so that the recipient could be a free advert for the paper. Free papers is an Ex tradition.

    • wklis

      When Rob Ford was a Councillor, he was assigned to be a city council member of the board for Exhibition Place. Its been rumoured that he didn’t attend any meetings for the Ex. Can someone verify this. If he didn’t attend the meetings, then that maybe why he doesn’t know that much about the Ex.

    • vampchick21

      Hell, there are campaigns by the Globe and the Post where you get a free newspaper from them while you rush through the PATH to get to your office tower in the morning. Hardly proof of a paper’s worthyness. Every paper does it, it’s a sales thing.

  • Steveinto

    The questions asked always sound scripted? They seem to have their response ready.

    • playtheguitar

      And the script is written by ten year olds as a penalty for not achieving an average mark in English.

  • OgtheDim

    Ok, so I gots me confused there for a second.

    I saw the tag Laura Godfrey, and thought “Paul has a daughter in law that likes Rob Ford enough to phone in?”

    • Laura Godfrey

      Hello! I would just like to clear up any confusion by saying that the Laura who called into the show was not me, and I have no relation to Paul Godfrey. My name is tagged on the post because I was the photographer for this article.

      • grinning dog

        I don’t envy you this assignment – it can’t be easy to get a good pic of them.

  • the_lemur

    Durham region is not within either Ford’s jurisdiction.

    Also: Rob … someone in the Annex saying nice things about you? IT’S A TRAP.

  • NoDogInTheFight

    Rube and Duhg’s version of the 80/20 rule? If it isn’t 20, it must be 80.

  • milanista1

    Wow it literally is not possible to be more wrong about the rental market.
    As someone actively involved in this market as a landlord, the exact opposite of what Rob Ford said is true.
    It has never been more difficult to sign a lease in Toronto. It has never been more expensive. No landlord will ever offer you an incentive unless the unit is downright awful in the worst area of town. The average listing is being snapped up quicker than the landlord can even return the calls of all those who inquire. Not to mention it isn’t uncommon for prospective tenants to offer above the asking rate in hopes to secure the unit. I’ve never offered incentives or perks, and I’ve never been desperate for tenants. I’ve had hopeful tenants wanting to see the place the very day the ad was put up on kijiji.
    Not even remotely close to the truth on this topic Rob Ford. I don’t think it’s possible to be more out of touch on a subject.

    • vampchick21

      Agreed. While my hubby and I got super lucky when we found our new place, being able to pay first and last and sign the lease that day, when we started looking in the first place I’d call a potential landlord the day the ad went up only to be told it was already rented. Repeatedly! It’s a feeding frenzy out there for rentals of all kinds and tenants will grab what they can get as quick as they can. Ford is just totally out of touch with the common man that he claims to be.

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        Isn’t it illegal to ask for the last month’s rent cheque?

        • vampchick21


    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      As usual, Ford just makes up the “facts”. I’m a landlord and typically when I rent my unit I get 5 to 8 calls. I never have to offer an incentive. Why would I? There’s a shortage of good rental units at an affordable price. I don’t understand why the people who claim Ford is “the best Mayor ever” can’t see that he’s quite often uninformed on issues and usually resorts to fabrications and bluster to make an argument.

      • vampchick21

        Because many of them are also ill informed or uninformed of many issues. Do you think a home owner who worships Ford has any concept of rental demand or the landlord-tenant act? Do you think they care?

    • stoobiedood

      The Star published an article today saying exactly that — “Rental demand remains unrelenting…”

  • iSkyscraper

    You know, I’ve got to give them a thumbs up for hosting the show at the CNE. Too many people ignore the CNE when it is on, more media events should be held there.

    Of course everything said after the show actually started is a piece of crap and an embarrassment to the city of Toronto and its residents, who elected (and nonelected) these two to run the city. Not exactly a Michael Bloomberg policy radio address.