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The Cronut Burger May Have Made 150 People Sick, According to Health Officials

The cronut burger is officially a public-health menace.

The cronut burger, sold by Epic Burgers and Waffles.

The laboratory test results are in, and Toronto Public Health is now saying that the cronut burger, a croissant/doughnut/hamburger hybrid sold by Epic Burgers and Waffles at the CNE, appears to have been the cause of about 150 reported cases of food-borne illness, up from 100 reported cases on Wednesday.

At a press conference this afternoon, Dr. David McKeown, Toronto’s top public-health official, said that samples of the cronut burger had tested positive for a type of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. The bacteria, he explained, multiplies in food that hasn’t been handled properly and produces a toxin that can cause severe gastrointestinal upset. If that weren’t enough evidence, McKeown said that interviews with about 100 people who fell ill after eating at the CNE also indicated that the cronut burger was the problem. “The only common food exposure that they had was the cronut burger served by Epic Burger,” he said.

Prior to today, the cronut burger had been strongly suspected of being the source of the illness, but the City’s tests hadn’t yet confirmed that this was the case.

Epic Burgers and Waffles closed on Tuesday, and remained closed voluntarily pending the results of the City’s health investigation. McKeown suggested that the closure is now mandatory. “Until the investigation determines the precise cause and source of the outbreak, we will not allow Epic Burgers to reopen,” he said.

Toronto Public Health hasn’t yet determined what part of the cronut burger was playing host to Staphylococcus aureus, or what actions on the part of Epic Burgers and Waffles employees might have led to the bacteria finding its way into the food. At a press conference on Wednesday, CNE General Manager David Bednar said that the operator of Epic Burgers and Waffles also runs other food stalls at the Ex, none of which are suspected of spreading food poisoning.


  • David

    It’s not the cronut burger that caused the illness, it’s the staph aureus contaminated beef in the burger.

    • OgtheDim

      You mean the beef that wasn’t found in anything other then that cronut burger at the Ex?

      Or are you worried the concept of a cronut burger has been besmirched to the point where people will not eat it anymore?

      Can a 7000 calorie item have a reputation that can be besmirched through a broad headline worthy of …oh…I don’t know……..every other media outlet in the English language world?

      • David

        No just that the meat could have been contaminated by either the vendor or the supplier and that the vendor did not cook it sufficiently. The problem is bad food handling, not the existence of a cronut burger. It could have happened to any other vendor who did not take sufficient care.

        • vampchick21

          No one is saying that the burger was contaminated because it was a cronut burger. I think we all understand the concept of food contamination and that it can happen anywhere to any food item. We aren’t as think as you stupid we are.

      • Hollysayso

        You’re getting the Cronut confused with the Canuck Burger which is a 2 pound burger with a mess of bacon on cheese.

        • WarOnMugs

          Yeah, the cronut burger has nothing near 7000 calories. In fact eating will almost certainly cause you to lose weight. ;)