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Newsstand: August 26, 2013

Last Monday of August. In the news: councillors are back from summer vacation early, police seek a suspect in a terrifying daytime attack, TCHC surveillance cameras at the site of a double shooting were out of order, and keep waiting for those insurance-rate cuts.

newsstand jeremy kai spring 3

Mayor Rob Ford took his campaign for a by-election in Ward 3 to his radio show on Sunday, acknowledging that he may not have the votes required to approve an election for a new councillor for Etobicoke Centre to replace Doug Holyday after the latter’s election this month as MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore. Councillors will vote at a special council meeting, held today at the mayor’s request, on whether to appoint a replacement for Holyday or to hold a by-election.

An elderly woman’s nose was severed yesterday near Yonge-Dundas Square in a bizarre and apparently random daylight attack. The woman was riding the elevator down to the subway after getting off the streetcar when a man cut off her nose and then fled. Toronto police said that the attack appeared to be random and that no motive has yet emerged. They are not sure what weapon was used or in which direction the suspect fled. The suspect is described as between 40 and 60 years old, and between five-foot-six and five-foot-eight inches tall. Fortunately, doctors were able to reattach the woman’s nose, and she was released from the hospital yesterday.

Several surveillance cameras at the Toronto public housing complex where two teenaged boys were shot and killed on Friday afternoon were not functioning. A Toronto Community Housing Corporation spokesperson told the Globe and Mail that some of the cameras were out of service due to vandalism that began in June, but wouldn’t specify the number of non-functioning cameras or reveal if any could have captured the shooting, citing an ongoing police investigation. The spokesperson also said that though the cameras are being repaired, she wasn’t sure how long they’d been out of service. The existing footage has been turned over to police as part of their investigation.

Been waiting for that promised cut to car-insurance costs? You’ll have to be patient–Finance Minister Charles Sousa said that it’s still two years away. Sousa said at a news conference on Friday that a 15-percent cut the Ontario Liberals promised in May’s budget has to wait for other measures, including ones involving fraud, to be tackled first.


  • The Man With No Name

    Maybe the NDP could demonstrate that it’s not entirely useless and misguided by demanding that the government step in to lower prices for rent or food. You know, things that people actually need. I can choose to not drive and not pay car insurance, and the same is true of the cast majority of Ontarians. I cannot choose to ignore the 5.6% rent increase I’ve been hit with over the last two years.

    • Roger B

      Agreed. The vagaries of the private market are fine for food & most shelter but not for car owners who demand to have their costs capped by government.
      Given the regular carnage associated with car ‘accidents’, the continued willingness of government to lower caps on insurance reimbursement, effectively transfers costs from offending drivers to the healthcare budget and victims including property owners, drivers, cyclists & pedestrians.

      As for why the NDP or politicians in general jump all over themselves to cater to drivers, consider that 58% of Ontarians polled thought the NDP government should bring down the Liberals unless they agreed to cut auto insurance by 15%.
      Interestingly support was much higher among the poorest Ontarians ($0 – $20,000 a year), at 71%, despite the fact they’re least likely to be able to afford to buy & maintain a dependable vehicle in addition to rent & food. Studies explain that the poor often vote against their own interests (the Toronto Sun/ Rob Ford supporter) because they are optimistic that they will one day join the wealthy, by way of lottery or high paying job etc.. despite the unlikely odds.