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Here’s a Video of Mayor Rob Ford Helping Hazel McCallion Catch a Fish

Two GTA mayors reel in one fish.

The backstory here, according to the Sun, is that Mayor Rob Ford and Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion both went on a Lake Ontario fishing expedition on Thursday as part of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. After six hours of fishing (on a Thursday? Did they go home afterward and get a little mayoring in before bed?) there was a nibble on one of the boat’s rods, and McCallion, who is 92 years old, went to reel in the catch.

The 16-pound salmon on the other end of the line turned out to be a fighter, and that’s how we ended up with this video of Ford cradling McCallion in his arms like a small, wrinkly child. It’s actually a very sweet scene, and it reflects well on Ford, who by most accounts is a genuinely helpful guy, one-on-one.

On the other hand, nobody has ever accused the mayor of not being willing to help out his friends—though he has been accused of having some friends who are beyond help.