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Extra, Extra: Supermen and Cronut Burgers

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • Superman’s Canadian origins are finally getting their due: the Man of Steel is going to be featured on a new series of stamps from Canada Post. If you don’t know about Supe’s connection to Toronto, now’s a good time to learn.
  • Also finally getting his due: Brad Ross, the TTC’s director of corporate communications. The Grid‘s cover story on him is a nice read, and it’s also probably your only chance to see this button-down professional’s sweet tattoos.
  • Gawker has been picking up a lot of Toronto stories lately, and this thing with the CNE’s cronut burger maybe poisoning thirty or so people has now caught its eye.

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  • iSkyscraper

    Reading the cronut burger stories from New York, I find them kind of hilarious. Sorry about everyone getting sick, but that’s the way the cronut crumbles. People here wait hours in line for a real cronut, toiling away their hipster/foodie lives for the trouble. Slapping down $10 anytime you like for a fake cronut buger was bound to lead to karmic payback.

    • Torontopoly

      That and eating an additiional week’s amount of calories in combination with the cronut burger in one sitting. How did these people expect NOT to get sick after gorging on all that lard?

    • vampchick21

      Are you….are you taking pride in a cronut?

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Your karmic revenge thing doesn’t make sense, since it isn’t the people getting sick who imitated the cronut recipe.

    • OgtheDim

      How can you fake a food item?

      Did they wave it at the tailback and instead pitched it to the full back running off tackle?

      One version might be better, but none of them are fake.

      A forgery of somebody else’s work? Maybe.

      But food is never fake.

      its very real…especially when its coming back up.

      • KRoberts

        eeeewwwww hahaha eeeewwwww, seriously though folks – why would anyone want to put that in their body?

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        The foodieverse is all about exclusivity; this cronut recipe kerfuffle is just the latest skirmish. It’s as stupid as it sounds: I’ve seen an outlet accused of “stealing” cha siu bao (a centuries-old Chinese dish of barbecued pork in steamed buns) from a foodie chef-du-jour who had decided to make it the staple of his business.

  • OgtheDim

    I wish all the people who say people who ate this deserve to get sick would remember the last time they had a visit with the porcelain goddess after eating something not handled properly.

    • KRoberts

      For sure, one of the worst cases of Food Poisoning I ever experienced was after eating at the Keg – it doesn’t matter how fancy or fatty it is – it could make you sick. But still – this thing just nauseates me looking at it – not for me, no thank -you

    • vampchick21

      Crossing my fingers, but so far I have been spared food poisoning……

      • the_lemur

        It can take a while to show up …

        • vampchick21

          I mean to this point in my life….lol.

          • the_lemur

            Ah, I thought you’d had the cronut!
            Food poisoning is utter misery – dizziness, cold sweats, uncontrollable urge to vomit even on an empty stomach – but it sometimes doesn’t make itself known until one or two days after the Bad Thing has been consumed. I’m wondering if it’s not something else at the EX that people ate before the cronut.

          • vampchick21

            I wouldn’t touch the cronut for anything, and that was before this little mess. :) I’ve had those symptoms, but associated with a migraine rather that food that wants to kill you.