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Extra, Extra: Flying Cakes, Weird Toronto Anthems, and Koilos in Muskoka

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • The video above from last weekend’s Veld festival, in which DJ Steve Aoki hits a quadriplegic fan directly in the face with a giant cake from maybe 20 yards away, is amazing. The backstory is surprisingly heartwarming, too.
  • Another thing worth watching on YouTube this afternoon is this bizarre Toronto anthem by Liona Boyd, which will apparently will be performed live at this weekend’s Taste of the Danforth festival. It’s sort of like if Toronto’s tourism materials were designed by the same people who did Marineland’s TV spots.
  • Waterloo’s BlackBerry is apparently considering becoming a private company again, essentially so it can lick its wounds in private, without having to report to investors all the time.
  • CBC has a little more on the fate of Koilos, that big, scary metal monster that used to be located in the Distillery District before it was removed in May.

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