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Newsstand: July 3, 2013

Morning, you. In the news: Metrolinx says Toronto's on its own if it wants a Scarborough subway, the City and Toronto police are planning to crack down on alcohol consumption in Trinity Bellwoods Park, an Ontario judge ruled that documents connected to Project Traveller must be revealed to media lawyers on August 27, and Toronto Public Health released a report suggesting Toronto consider opening safe-injection sites.

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The apparent upshot of a meeting held between Bruce McCuaig, the chief executive of provincial transit agency Metrolinx, and top officials from the Toronto Transit Commission and the City of Toronto, is that if Toronto councillors insist on having a Scarborough subway, Toronto would have to take charge of it, sans Metrolinx’s help.

In Trinity Bellwoods Park, the (golden?) era of look the other way may be reaching a close. The City and Toronto police have decided to crack down on alcohol consumption in the west-end park. Hipsters everywhere can be heard weeping into their now officially contraband PBRs.

August 27 might just prove a crazy interesting, revelatory day for Toronto. Or, it’ll be hugely anti-climactic. Either way, an Ontario judge ruled yesterday that documents related to the now infamous police raids potentially linked to Mayor Rob Ford must, on that day, be made available to media lawyers representing a group of media organizations, including the Globe and Mail, CBC and the Toronto Star.

Yesterday, Toronto Public Health released a report suggesting that Toronto should consider opening safe-injection sites for drug users within existing healthcare institutions. They indicated research from Vancouver and a number of other countries showing that these sites have been effective in preventing drug overdoses and reducing disease transmission.


  • OgtheDim

    Trinity Bellwoods needs more safe alcohol injection sites.

    • em_robin

      This doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Fence off one or two sections of the park as “designated drinking areas”. Put in a few pretzel and peanut dispensers so families with children can go up to the fence and feed a drunk hipster. They’re usually hairy enough that you could put up a “Petting Zoo” sign and no one would know the difference!

  • escroq

    Who died and made Metrolinx god? Given the huge corruption with these quasi-govenrmentals at the provincial level (ORNGE, OntarioHydro, …), I just know that a lot of public money destined for transport will end up in the accounts of McGuinty’s buddies, not to mention the layers and layers of management and middlemen taking their cuts quite legitimately. I don’t blame the NDP and others being a bit lary of all this.

    • OgtheDim

      “Who died and made Metrolinx god?”

      The Fathers of Confederation

      Transportation is a provincial responsibility

      BTW, have we seen one instance of a friend of McGuinty getting money from a government contract? I’m no fan of the Libs but this constant screaming about graft and bribery has no basis in fact.

  • James D Paterson

    Safe injection site? Yeah. Let’s give felons a known, safe and protected outlet to slowly kill themselves while costing the taxpayer money to fund these places. Overdoses equal potential death equals less strain on the system overall.

    Yeah, great idea, TPH. Sounds like some of your board is injecting to come up with such a ridiculous idea.

    • HotDang

      Don’t be a dumbass, bro.

      • Guest

        Yeah, I’m the dumbass.

        • Bill

          Overdoses put a lot of strain on the system actually. Safe injection sites greatly reduce the amount of ODs and essentially pay for themselves in that way.

          Other benefits are that it give drug users easy access to resources to get clean if they want. And it helps to stop the spread of disease (further reducing the strain on the health care system).

          Perhaps you should do a little research before shooting your mouth off.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Clearly the people who’ve actually studied the immediate and long term effects of these sites are idiots, and you, a random internet loudmouth, know better.

    • Dinah Might

      So much better to have heroin needles randomly scattered around the City so that we can save a few bucks. Especially since the consequences of that approach totally pays for itself, oh wait.

      • dsmithhfx

        Heroin addicts should be punished. Crack addicts, OTOH, should be elected mayor, and shielded by the police.

        • anon

          Funny how evidence matters until you disagree with the politics of the addict

          • tyrannosaurus_rek

            Funny how you get to pick and choose what counts as evidence when you agree with the politics of the (alleged) addict.

    • OgtheDim

      My understanding is safe injection sites reduce drug use harm.

      And harm costs more then a safe injection site.

      So, the fiscally responsible thing to do is actually have safe injection sites.

    • The Ministry of Truth

      Have some compassion! Mayor Rob Ford needs a safe injection site! One away from the prying eyes of cell phone cameras.

  • Dinah Might

    Yeah, who you calling random?!?