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What’s Former Mayor David Miller Up To?

Toronto's last mayor has just landed himself a sweet new job.

As our current mayor fends off allegations that he smokes crack, what’s the previous mayor up to? Oh, nothing much. Just being named the new president and CEO of WWF-Canada, is all.

David Miller, who decided not to run in the 2010 election, has, since the end of his term, been leading what appears to be a more relaxed existence. He’s kept his hand in local politics, though, by making frequent public appearances and by blogging for the Huffington Post. In 2011, he was the recipient of a “future of cities” fellowship at NYU.

But mainly what he’s been doing is working as international business and sustainability counsel at Aird & Berlis LLP, the law firm he was involved with before getting into politics.

This new gig with WWF-Canada, an NGO that advocates for environmental conservation, is of a piece with Miller’s politics (remember, this is the man who gave us the five-cent fee on plastic shopping bags, among many other environmental initiatives). A WWF-Canada spokesperson says the former mayor is winding down his duties at Aird & Berlis and will have his first day as president on September 3.

All of which makes us wonder what’s in store for Mayor Rob Ford after he’s done with municipal politics (assuming he’s ever done with municipal politics). It has been suggested to us that he’d be perfect as the owner of the Toronto Argonauts.


  • SmarterThanYou86

    Good for our former mayor – definitely seems to be a good fit, I wish him all the best and will continue to support the WWF (as my family and I have for years).

    In terms of Ford going on to own/coach/manage the Argos – also, a GREAT fit, and I would love him to go and fulfill that dream today :)

    • vampchick21

      Coaching football is the one thing we all can agree that Ford excels at and loves.

    • OgtheDim

      Seriously for a moment, as a long time CFL fan, I gotta say Ford is no where NEAR good enough to coach at that level. He shows no ability to adjust and no ability to develop already trained athletes.

      He’s a decent enough coach of high school kids. Given the right situation, with a firm administration that sets strong boundaries, and with a decent group of assistants, he could grow to succeed as a long term successful high school football coach. He’s not there yet.

      • SmarterThanYou86

        All the more reason for him to start now and get that much needed experience :)

      • Incapacitated

        Maybe should be an assistant to Rob there Og. You seem to know so much of other people’s boundaries and situations we could all find out if you were there yet. Bet you punt.

      • AllanG

        You can’t be too successful if the school board has barred you from coaching.

  • Mark Dowling

    Meanwhile the incumbent might end up as an employee of the WWE.
    I thought Miller was teaching a course in New York as well? I guess that was a one-year thing?

    • Whitebox

      OMG! The Brothers Ford tag team DUO! Sounds like a photoshop project!

  • Dave Williams

    I wish him well.

  • Walter Lis

    Did Miller get this job through his family business? No. Unlike Ford, Miller got it through hard work and being competent.

    • Dave Williams

      Lets not get crazy. The man has a new job. Leave it at that.

    • Incapacitated


    • Winkee

      Well he did go to Lakefield College, so unless he was paying his own way to a private prep school as a teenager lets not get all crazy on the self-made man nonsense.

  • rainyday1735

    Ford may not be suited to work in pro football. I think they have drug testing.

  • Dave Parkinson

    Toronto Argonauts owner ? I don’t know about that, but he’d sure be a great coach for Toronto’s Lacrosse franchise the Toronto “Rock”…

  • Norton

    It was nice having a mayor in power who was not constantly making the city a laughing stock. And having a mayor who had vision and was always working to make the city a better place for everyone. *sigh* having a fat crack addicted nut bar from the suburbs sucks.

  • MK

    Sounds like a great fit, congratulations to him. I certainly miss him a lot!