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Vandalist: Spirograph

Math + Art = Excellent.


BY: Unknown
PHOTOS BY: Bella Manu
FIELD NOTES: Remember Spirograph? What kid didn’t have that collection of plastic gears and wheels? More importantly, what kid did have them and actually put them to good use? Speaking from our personal experience, our feeble and short-lived attempts to create amazing circular patterns resulted mostly in scribbles and crumpled pieces of paper and chaos. It’s nice to see that someone has not only mastered Spirograph, but has shared his or her creations with the city. We’re glad to know some have succeeded where most of us failed.

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  • Denkyem

    These are cool but not created with a spirograph! Spirograph creates overlapping loops drawn in one continuous line (continuous like a spiral!). These are made up of separately drawn overlapping circles. If drawn by hand, the artist might have used a compass.

  • Sarah Manning

    That’s the flower of life. Most ancient symbol known to man. figure it out.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      [citation needed]