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Luminato 2013: Human Claw Machine

A group of artists has built a bigger, better claw game.

© Corbin Smith
© Corbin Smith

WHERE: The Allen Lambert Galleria at Brookfield Place

WHEN: Thursday, June 13

WHAT: Claw games are quite possibly the worst arcade games. They lure you in with promises of cool stuff, eat your money, and generally give you nothing in return. Even if you manage to win, the prize is usually a cheap stuffed animal, and who needs that? At Luminato 2013, a group of nine Canadian artists has improved upon the concept by building a giant claw machine, filling it with donated household items, and replacing the mechanical claw with a person on a hoist. The installation, called Stockpile, will be giving away items until June 22. It’s free to watch, but $2 to play.