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Pape Station’s Long-Delayed Renovation is Delayed Even More

A strike by tile workers has derailed the TTC's plan to hasten construction.

A rendering of what Pape Station will look like, once construction there is finished. Image courtesy of the TTC.

Commuters who have been waiting years for the delay-plagued modernization project at Pape Station to end are going to have to wait a little longer. The TTC announced today that plans to close the station for a 12-day renovation blitz have been postponed because of a strike by the Terazzo, Tile, and Marble Guild of Ontario.

Pape Station has been under renovation since 2009. The project, a total modernization of the station’s interior and exterior, was supposed to be finished by spring 2012, but the TTC ran into some unexpected construction problems (soil contamination, “previously unknown” underground structures, water main issues) that have prolonged things.

In April, the commission had riders fill out an online survey that asked about different ways of handling the remainder of the work. Those who responded to the survey were overwhelmingly in favour of getting it over with: they asked the TTC to close Pape Station for 12 straight days, so contractors could go about their business uninterrupted. This was supposed to hasten construction at the station, making it possible for Pape to be back to normal by September.

In a press release, the TTC says it’s going to have to put off the 12-day closure until it can be sure someone will be on hand to deal with all the station’s tiles. The tile workers—who are involved in refinishing the station’s floors, walls, and stairs—don’t work directly for the City, so the commission doesn’t have a hand in their labour negotiations.

The closure was originally planned for June 15 to 26. The TTC is saying it won’t be able to set new dates until the strike is resolved.


  • Lee Zamparo

    What does “previously unknown” underground structures mean?

    • SteveKupferman

      It’s the TTC’s way of saying that there was some concrete and steel down there that contractors weren’t aware of until they started digging.

    • The Mayor

      How long? How many people worked on this?

  • OgtheDim

    Maybe the strike will be resolved in time for the TTC to announce they will close Pape for the first 14 days of August.

  • Mark Daye

    Someone call the Mayor! He can fix anything.

    • dsmithhfx

      Pape is not in Etobicoke.

  • Joe Clark

    The Torontoist might want to look into the saga of elevator installation at Lawrence West, where a contractor was belatedly dismissed for gross incompetence. During much of that time, the ground-floor level was home to a giant gaping hole.

  • Pluckysod

    Rome was built faster than this.

    • dsmithhfx

      It took more than a day?

  • BjamesT

    So the elevator workers and the tilers are on strike. At the onset of summer. Weird.

    • yofal

      Rumour going around that it’s some kind of delaying tactic for the condo developments downtown.