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Newsstand: June 6, 2013

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your week. In the news: reporters identify the house where the mayor's photo with Anthony Smith was taken, Build Toronto loses part of its board, a new development in the Tim Bosma murder case, and Toronto police name their officer of the year.

newsstand jeremy kai spring 2

Although the frequency of crazy new updates in the Rob Ford crack cocaine video story has slowed this week, this is one controversy you never want to count out. You never know when something is going to pop up…like, say, Star reporters supposedly locating the house where that picture of Ford with Anthony Smith was taken—a house that apparently has a less than savoury reputation in the community. It’s not as explosive a revelation as some of the previous ones, but come on. The mayor has a brand new staff all hired in about a week. This is like training wheels for them.

Or hey, maybe the latest big development is that the Star thinks they know which Ford staffer was anonymously tweeting about the ongoing controversy until he left the mayor’s employment on Friday.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North), took some flack for accusing fellow councillor Jaye Robinson (Ward 25, Don Valley West) of forcing the civic appointments committee meeting to be cancelled because she didn’t show up, because she had a respiratory illness. Only problem is, the meeting wasn’t actually cancelled, something that could be easily checked by any person with a computer and the ability to type the letters (and then click a few times).

Councillor Ford will have plenty of time to stew over the reaction to that last story in peace and privacy at the offices of Build Toronto, where he’s currently the only person left on that group’s committee to find a new CEO. The others, all independent directors from the real estate industry, have taken off. This comes after news that Ford is looking to have Toronto Port Lands CEO Michael Kraljevic fill the Build Toronto role.

There’s something to be said for not responding to phone calls right away. Police are saying Dellen Millard, the man charged with first-degree murder in the death of Hamilton man Tim Bosma, might have been trying to arrange a test drive for another truck posted for sale online—or at least, his phone was used to make the call. However, the seller slept on getting back to him, which is a bad way to sell a truck, but a good way to avoid being in an enclosed space with someone who would go on to be charged for murder. Bosma disappeared after taking two men out for a test drive in his truck several weeks ago. His remains were found days later.

Look out, Toronto police: you’ve got a new top cop. No, Bill Blair isn’t retiring. We’re talking about Det. Const. Joel Manherz, who was named 2012′s police officer of the year for his work in busting open a child pornography case that goes back 50 years.


  • vampchick21

    Oh Dougie. You so crazy you don’t even know when a meeting is happening, even if you are IN that meeting.

  • Brock

    Another Daniel Dale story again with a twist. At least he was not hiding in someones back yard in this report.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Talk about twisting things. Dale wasn’t in Ford’s backyard, he was in a public park when the mayor mugged him.

      • Brock

        If that even was remotely true, the Star would have sued Ford. But again Dale and the Star sensationalized another myth.

        • torontothegreat

          You watch too much American TV

        • iSkyscraper

          There is literally no fact that a Ford supporter will not turn into a conspiracy theory or victim complex.

          • dsmithhfx

            Rob Ford is a “grievance-based politician“, aka professional whiner.

          • tyrannosaurus_rek

            You only say that because the Liberal Media is paying you to!

        • Zoom Slider

          Dave Williams Logic:

          Star not suing Ford = accusations against Dale are true
          Ford not suing Star = accusations against Ford are false

    • OgtheDim


      He was on public parkland taking pictures for a story. The only person who says he was up on a cinder block looking into Ford’s backyard was Ford’s neighbour and they retracted that story when asked by police to write it down in a statement.

  • HotDang

    This is a pretty interesting insight into Rob Ford’s crack use:

    The house may be a pretty important piece of the puzzle. It sounds like a lot of people may be aware the mayors substance abuse problem. Hopefully one of them will come clean and the city can move on from this chronic embarrassment.

    • Brock

      More hearsay, no substance. Toronto Mike has ranted about Ford and his personal hatred for the man for years. It does not surprise me that Mike Boon keeps trying to push his leftist agenda on his slanted site.

      • SmarterThanYou86

        Dave Williams – is that you?

        • tyrannosaurus_rek

          It is.

      • iSkyscraper

        That may be true – it’s not uncommon to hate Ford and not necessarily indicative of anything but intelligence to do so – but how could a comment on that site from MARCH talk about a Jasmin and drug use at her grandmother’s house with Rob and her mom, and then in JUNE we find out the photo was taken at the house, that the owners have a granddaughter named Jasmin, that the kids grew up with Rob, that it is near the Dixon apts supposedly named by Rob as the video location, and that the house had an armed invasion five days after the crack story broke?

        How many more coincidences can you fit into one sentence?

      • dsmithhfx

        But you, on the other hand feel only unconditional love. Is Ford some kind of cult, like Moonies or Scientology?

    • SmarterThanYou86

      Unless they all get fired…