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Newsstand: June 27, 2013

How's it going? You seem great. Some news for you: Mayor Rob Ford's director of logistics and operations, David Price, gets in trouble—again—for refusing to identify himself while committing an indiscretion, plans for the revitalization of Ontario Place are partially revealed, the provincial government plans to investigate financial management practices at the TDSB, and the Attorney General weighs in on why Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has been vague about whether the mayor is under criminal investigation.

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David Price, mayor Rob Ford’s director of logistics and operations and an old friend of the family (Ford’s, not mine), was first in yesterday’s news for having called the mayor’s radio show a number of times under a string of aliases before joining his staff. Now, it’s been revealed that Price was suspended by the mayor on Tuesday for one week (without pay!) for calling a Toronto Sun reporter to complain about a supposedly unflattering headline written about him, and then refusing to identify himself when asked. That guy hates identifying himself. Maybe he’s shy?

Some details about revitalization plans for Ontario Place were announced yesterday. Apparently, the provincial government will be looking for landscape architects as of July, and hope to find one by the fall. Their hope is to open the new section of the park to the public by 2015, to coincide with the Pan American Games.

The Ontario government has decided to investigate the “financial management practices” at the Toronto District School Board after its acting director of education, Donna Quan, and the chair of the audit committee brought up a number of concerns. Concerns raised included supposedly sketchy financial reporting to the ministry and salary increases for staff that may have been disproportionate to broader public sector compensation.

If you’ve been wondering why Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has remained mum thus far regarding whether mayor Rob Ford is under criminal investigation for his potential link to the “Project Traveller” drugs-and-guns investigation, today you get your answer. Sort of. I mean, no, not really. Attorney General John Gerretsen said he doesn’t know what law is preventing Blair from commenting on the matter. And that, y’know, one should, if they want to know, ask Blair what law he’s adhering to. So, thanks for that, Attorney General John Gerretsen.


  • OgtheDim

    Hmm….maybe now that SAL is going to be saying the sun shines out of Hudak rather then Ford, the Ford’s are not going to get as much kid gloves treatment.

    I wonder if SAL will be asking Gerretsen tough questions about why he’s not going after that reprobate mayor in Toronto.

  • Duane

    Even with his clear dislike for Rob Ford, Chief Blair has kept the focus on the huge drug bust on the crime itself.
    He knows that by dropping Fords name into the issue, will skew the investigation.
    He is a clear leader amongst us all.

    • OgtheDim

      You read a lot of Mickey Spillane growing up?

    • dsmithhfx

      Ford’s name is all over the issue. By refusing to rule him out, Blair is keeping it there. If the AG himself is unclear on what legal grounds Blair is doing this, it begins to look as if Blair is playing coy for private, unprofessional reasons that we may only speculate on.

      • Duane

        There is no need to rule him out as he was never in. If Blair tosses his name into the investigation, it gives some creedence to him having involvement. You have to remember that the AG is a Liberal and does realize that if the focus remains on Ford, it takes away some of the focus on the Ontario Liberal Parties issues which are real issues.

        • dsmithhfx

          Well there’s the video, and the photo. So yeah, he’s in it.

        • raindogxx

          Hi Dave, Pigeon. . .whatever.

          • HotDang

            He’s gotta do something with his week off.

          • dsmithhfx

            “You can’t train loyalty”

        • OgtheDim

          As a side note, if you are going to troll, there is nothing more pathetic then putting all your efforts into the second post.

          Makes you look weak.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      That isn’t how criminal investigations work.