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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford

Mayor says provincial funding cut will mean a loss of services in Toronto.

“It’s going to have to come down to program cuts. It’s the province’s fault.”

—Toronto mayor Rob Ford, in response to a letter from provincial finance minister Charles Sousa announcing that Queen’s Park would be cutting nearly $150 million in funding to Toronto. In that letter, Sousa told Ford that since the province was uploading services over the same period, this would not adversely affect Toronto; however, in a press conference today Ford rejected that analysis, maintaining that the province “has a spending problem, not a revenue problem,” and that the cut was unwarranted. He also reiterated his commitment to cutting the municipal land transfer tax (a significant revenue source for the City) by 10 per cent during the next budget cycle, saying “that’s what taxpayers elected me to do,” and that the provincial cut would need to be balanced out with a loss of services (though he did not specify which). Ford and Sousa are scheduled to meet and discuss the funding cut on Monday.


  • dsmithhfx

    I wonder if he’ll cut the TPS budget…

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Only the Snitch Outreach team working in the Dixon area…

      • dsmithhfx

        When Blair says ‘jump’…

  • tomwest

    Ford says the probvicne has a spending problem, but when the province cuts it spending, that’s a problem.

  • tomwest

    Doesn’t Ford remember it’s all one taxpayer?

    • brock

      It is one taxpayer, but each government has to manage its slice. The provincial government cannot control spending. That is a clear fact.

      • ford

        I agree brock. Only anyone that runs under the PC brand can manage money. I don’t care if it’s Hudak, Doug, or a monkey. PCs ALLLLLL THE WAAAAAYYY. PCS PCS PCS!

      • stopitman

        If a government that cut 30,000+ jobs, millions of dollars in transit, downloaded programs, and sold a huge money maker of a highway (the 407) for billions under its price yet still managed a multi-billion dollar deficit during worldwide economic expansion is a good money manager, I was born on Mars.

    • ephena

      It’s one taxpayer with a weird memory. He’s counting on being the super guy that saves the Toronto taxpayer a billion dollars, and eliminates more taxes. Having to deal with the economic realities of the province didn’t really factor into his great white hero plan. BTW, when do I get my billion dollar cheque?

  • OgtheDim

    So he wanted to cut the LTT tax $36 million but can’t adjust for a $50 million lack of revenue, on a $9000 million dollar budget. I thought his budget chief was a smart guy.

    • dsmithhfx

      What makes you think he listens to anything but the voices in his head?

  • Steveinto

    Rob Fords idea of saving money budgeting has always been enlightening. This time his take on budgeting is take me out to dinner that way I can lower my food budget.

    • Dave

      You never cease to amaze me. Did you think of that all by yourself?

      • raindogxx

        Your response has no substance, pigeon.

        • KRoberts

          Don’t feed the trolls

  • Jacob

    Wynne needs a “Biden” on her team. A brash goofball that can speak to Ford Nation in as simplistic terms as Ford himself. Because until that happens, they’ll ignore her side of the argument, as it comes from the mouth of an “elite”.

    • dsmithhfx

      No she doesn’t.

    • ephena

      I wish I had a higher opinion of your average Ford Nation member, but I think you might be on to something. I ran into one the other day, and she told me that the real problem is that teachers make $200k a year, and take 6 weeks of sick days a year. I was a teacher for 8 years. I was obviously doing it wrong, because I didn’t make that kind of cash. She didn’t believe me.

  • ephena

    It is beyond hypocritical to call for austerity, and call the Liberals “tax and spend” fiberals, and then freak out and whine when they make cuts. Ford is just pissy that he is going to have to decide between unpopular cuts to services, and unpopular taxes. Not a happy place for a faux-populist. Toronto is in much better shape than the province. Queen’s Park needs to cut costs, and Toronto needs to suck it up and stop whining about paying for the things we want. Until Ford finds oil in the Marine Exclusion Zone at the end of the Billy Bishop runway, we are going to have to pay taxes if we want the city to run.

  • Antinephalist

    Ford suddenly finds himself in a position where he actually has to be responsible to the city instead of blaming unpalatable options on others. So far, his response to that new-found responsibility has been less than dignified.

  • Alex

    So Rob Ford has claimed that he has saved a Billion (but wan’t say how), yet now he is claiming that there will be program cuts to make up for the provinces 150 million.

    Just proves the old saying “Figures lie and liars figure”.

  • Punned_It

    So Widdle Wobbie didn’t get his way and he’s having a tantrum. Just imagine his pudgy widdle red face as he says “You guys are in debt so give me more money”. Or “they’re mean”, “they’re trying to make me raise taxes”, or my favourite “I’m going to take it out on the poor and it will be all your fault”.

    Could we please get off the playground Rob?