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Duly Quoted: Bob Rae

“I’m not going to be crazy uncle Bob coming down from the attic every once in a while to make a speech to the kids.”

—During an emotional press conference this morning, Rae, a 35-year political veteran and former Ontario premier who recently finished a stint as interim leader of the federal Liberal party, announced that he’d be stepping down from his position as MP for Toronto Centre. The quote above, reported by the Post, seems to suggest that he’ll be keeping a hand in politics, at least. Even so, he specifically denied that he’d be seeking Toronto’s mayoralty in 2014. He told reporters that he plans to focus, instead, on negotiating Northern Ontario mining issues with First Nations communities.


  • vampchick21

    Hmmmm….sorry Bob, but you already became Crazy Uncle Bob when you went skinny dipping with Rick Mercer. :) I kid, I kid!

  • Steveinto

    He may have become crazy uncle Bob. But he is from an era of politicians who understood that politics was to improve the better good as they understood it for all. Not theses hypocritical power hungry, take all, and who gives a damn what happens that pass for politicians now. And i be totally unbiased here I include all political leanings.

  • Whitebox

    That’s a great quote. Class act.