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After “Project Traveller,” Toronto Police Try to Restore Trust at 320 Dixon Road

At a community meeting, Toronto police officers spoke to rattled residents of a condo building that was recently the site of a high-profile gang bust.

Police Superintendent Ron Taverner listens as a resident of 320 Dixon Road speaks at a community meeting on June 20.

On Thursday night, Toronto Police Sergeant Chris Laush was standing in the party room in the basement of 320 Dixon Road, the highrise condominium that has been the site of recent police raids, a recent shooting, and numerous apparent connections to Mayor Rob Ford’s crack-video scandal. Laush told more than a hundred residents and neighbours gathered for a community meeting that in the wake of the raids, which were part of a police operation called “Project Traveller,” the Somali Liaison Unit he supervises will be initiating “Project Clean Slate,” to bring a renewed sense of safety to the community.

Residents listened and applauded politely as Laush and 23 Division superintendent Ron Taverner introduced the other members of the unit, as well as Deputy Police Chief Peter Sloly. The police urged the community to look to the future, but most residents who came to the microphone during the two-hour meeting wanted to address both recent and long-standing traumas in and around the building.

The first speakers were community leaders invited to the microphone by the police. Omar Farouk, who sits on the Toronto Police Service’s Muslim consultative committee, commended the officers. “I feel comfortable working with you and the rest of the officers,” Farouk said. Mohamed Gilao, executive director of local community centre Dejinta Beesha, said the Somali unit demonstrates a culturally sensitive approach to policing. “We welcome this initiative,” he said.

But as more community leaders stood to thank the police, the impatience of many attendees became apparent. The state of the building itself was the most pressing concern for many residents.

One man stood and complained that the condo building is overcrowded and crumbling. The stained, drooping ceiling tiles, chipped paint, and poor lighting in the basement illustrated his concerns. Another man asked if the police will have access to footage from the hundreds of cameras the property’s management plans to install in the building. “We’ve lost so much money in this place,” he said in reference to the diminishing value of his unit.

Malik, the new president of the condo corporation, said his community members are victims of an unfair property-assessment regime. “The units that they bought for over $100,000 were not even worth $35,000,” he said. He added that security enhancements, vandalism, and false fire alarms have cost owners dearly. He finished by saying that the Somali community, and other immigrants in the area, have suffered because of unemployment and a lack of community programming.

Others wanted to talk about relations between city officials and the community. Janet Rodriguez, a 15-year resident of the building, thanked police for coming, but told them they need to learn how to communicate with residents. “Those who are here understand English…but we don’t have an interpreter here to have a real, two-way communication,” she said. Rodriguez also wanted to know why the local councillor, Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke), wasn’t present. “Our current councillor, he only defends his brother, but he doesn’t speak up for me or for us.”

Another resident of 19 years, a mother, was angry that her son was taken by police during the Project Traveller raids. He was released a day later without charges, but the apartment’s door was smashed in by police, and it hasn’t been repaired. “If you have a problem,” she said to the police, “come and knock on the door, and give me a paper.” She said that when she asked her landlord to help her fix the door, he replied, “Your son is a criminal.”

Tensions in the crowded basement increased with every speaker. One woman decried the stereotypes she feels the police and media are perpetuating about Somali people. She was relentlessly heckled by an elderly woman in the second row who cried, “Pity, pity, it’s always an excuse!”

Others asked why so many of their children have been kicked out of school, and why such a disproportionate number of the neighbourhood’s young people have gotten hold of firearms and large amounts of drugs. “They have no ability to import drugs from somewhere else,” said one man. “The wholesalers come to them and tell them, ‘I have an option for you.’ ” Gilao, the community centre director, who was sitting in the first row, interrupted and said, “But it’s illegal—that’s bullshit!” But the man went on. He addressed the police directly: “Your big challenge is, can you find the people doing the wholesale? Then you won’t have criminals here. Go to the source!”

The meeting reached a crescendo when a young man in a ball cap named Kabir came to the microphone. He had been trying to speak for the entire meeting. “They say they’ve dismantled the gangs,” Kabir said as he gestured towards the police. “I don’t know a single gang that beats hundred-year-old women. They have no shame.” He was referring to reports of an elderly woman being injured during the raids.

“The Toronto police has a long history of violence and brutality, not just in the Somali community, but in every African community,” said Kabir. “They don’t do this in the white community!” Some were applauding and saying thank you, while others shouted him down. Sergeant Laush unplugged the microphone and the meeting boiled over.

One of the last speakers was Fosia, a young woman who also spoke at a news conference after the raids and said the police went too far. She addressed Taverner and Sloly directly: “The complaints that we have are still hurtful to us,” she said.

“I hope you can respect me and care for me, and care for my peers, the youth, as you would respect and care for your own child.” Her voice was quivering but calm, and she managed to hold the audience’s attention with her words. “We don’t want to be vulnerable, we don’t want to be victimized; we want to be respected as Canadians, but above all, as human beings.” The meeting ended shortly thereafter.

More than half an hour later, dozens of residents were still in the basement, many of them engaged in animated conversations with one another and with the police. A young woman named Nelly told Torontoist that this meeting was a first for the community, and that many people just needed to vent. “A lot of this emotion comes from suppressed stuff,” she said. “If meetings continue to happen, people will get better at expressing themselves.”

Abdirahman Musa, a resident and marketing professional, said he’s tired of negative messages about Somali people. “This is a Dixon issue, and anybody who uses ‘Somali,’ we’re gonna go after them,” Musa said. The police seem to be listening: one of Taverner’s promises was to rename the Somali Liaison Unit to “a name that will embrace the entire community.”

Photo by Desmond Cole/Torontoist.


  • William Paul

    “don’t want to be victimized”????? well don’t allow your sons to keep firearms in your house PEOPLE: be quiet and appreciate that the cops just cleared out a whole pile of drug dealing, gun toting criminals…. a few doors getting kicked in or being forced against a wall is quite the small price to pay. Be thankful!!!!!!!!!

    • dealioc

      If the sons are the ones putting food on the table or help paying the rent, obviously you kept quiet and don’t ask questions. If you have to choose between starving and living, it’s difficult

      • New World

        That’s bullshit, if you profit from violence and crime, then you need to be punished. This old world mentality of “Don’t ask questions” needs to be stopped, that’s the sort of BS that makes most of the world unsafe.

        • dsmithhfx

          May I pass your tip on to Mayor Hugathug?

        • Black_Fist

          What sound advice. Does this rule of thumb also applies to police? What about Bikers? They sure do profit from violence. Do you know of any bikers? Are they “just good guys (but don’t mess with them)”?

      • William Paul

        if your sons are putting food on the table by selling drugs and shooting people, and you know they get their money this way, then you yourself deserve to go to jail

        • dsmithhfx

          What if you’re a customer — do you deserve to go to jail?

          • William Paul

            of course not…remember the customer is always right

          • Black_Fist

            You mean “the customer is always white”.

          • Your Momma

            Mr wiliam paul gets to define what racsim is. mr william paul gets to define what is acceptable police behaviour. Mr william paul is a typical white privileged male who has absolutely no compassion and no concept of racism. I would say ignore it, but there are far to may just like it who will be the first to don the uniform and take jack boots to his fellow citizens.

          • Black_Fist

            True indeed. A typical white male who ignores any and all accusations of racism, and yet goes on lengthy tirades describing their perceived “reverse racism” and how white people are systemically being held down by…..well, white people.
            Their kind is so pathetic it’s almost insulting to common sence.

          • UrKiddingRite

            “sense” its common sense…but we get the message as its only the 5541th time you have posted a comment saying the same thing. Can you come up with something new every once in awhile?

          • Black_Fist

            Well obviously my old material has got you riveted since you follow me around clinging on to my every word like a star struck school girl.

          • UrKiddingRite

            No it’s not that, I am waiting for one coherent thought to come out of you. I am not holding my breath for it but I am waiting.

          • Black_Fist

            Indeed. Maybe it’s time the police do these type of heavy handed raids in the neighbourhoods where these drug customers (like Rob Ford) lives.

    • andrewtraviss

      People close to suspected criminals who are not themselves suspects should be treated with the same respect as any other law-abiding citizen.

      The ends also do not justify the means. It is perfectly legitimate and important to object to police potentially overstepping their bounds precisely because it is far too easy to dismiss their actions as necessary. If we always find in their favour simply because they are doing a difficult and necessary job, they will naturally tend to go astray, because they are fallible human beings like the rest of us.

      Also, unless our justice system changed over to a totalitarian regime last night without me noticing, you aren’t a criminal until you’ve been in front of a judge. Every individual the police arrested has some possibility of being found innocent. Suspects. Not criminals, yet. That isn’t semantics, it’s an important distinction.

      • William Paul

        well, drug runners and gang members usually do not come and open the door peacefully, so the cops go to judge, get warrant, hit door down when everyone is generally asleep and they have to move very fast, fast enough that they subdue the “ALLEGED” perp before said perp grabs their own gun and open fire on them. This was a year long operation, they did not just pull names out of a hat… I would guarantee you that these are the guys they are looking for.. Now if a mother mouths off, gives them a hard time, for their own protection cops will put them in cuffs. These women have absolutely no one to blame except their own sons – PERIOD!

        • andrewtraviss

          This very article states that one person was released without charges. Your guarantee does not seem to be worth much.

          • William Paul

            for c**st’s sake man, when you raid for bad guys, you raid…..if a couple get picked up, cool…if a couple doors get busted, fine, if a couple people get hit in the head..fine! S*it happens. The raid was perfectly justifiable, similar to when they hit Malvern gangs some 4 or 5 years ago. They got a lot of bad guys, lot of drugs and a lot of guns off the street. And yes if they raid a house, pick up everybody and let a few go, as long as hey get one it’s just tough luck for the others that they got hauled in for a night. Wrong place at the wrong time. And if they knew their friends had guns then I have NO sympathy for whatever happens to them.

            you sound like you think it;s OK that those particular Somali gun gangs have guns drugs etc? How else do you put them away? They cannot be allowed to run their life this way. If they store the guns at mommies then I have no sympathy for the mom’s and they should expect to be raided at some point. What would you do to take them off the street and PUNISH THEM???????????????????

          • Black_Fist

            Your average Canadian cries, moans, complains and goes to their local mp just to fight a parking ticket they feel they did not deserve. I refuse to beleive that these same people would just say “sh*t happens” if ther house was subjected to one of these raids only to find out that no one in that house was charged with anything and nothing was found.

            How can alienating 4 people and creating new resentment for the police just to catch 1 person be considered “good policing” (or even smart)? Do you really think the family members are going to blame another family member for police ransacking their home or are they going to direct their anger at the ones actually doing the ransacking? Especially in a disrespectful manner.
            But I guess you never been in a police raid before, eh?

          • andrewtraviss

            The role of the police is to serve and protect, not to hunt down and punish. The latter is only employed when it’s necessary for the former. This is why police chases aren’t allowed around here. They represent a pursuit of justice trumping public safety, which is not an acceptable trade-off.

            That’s the reason complaints are an important part of the process. How else do we know if the police are severely overstepping their bounds and making a bad call or just making reasonable human mistakes, if nobody says anything?

        • Black_Fist

          “drug runners and gang members usually do not come and open the door peacefully…”

          Really? Then perhaps you can provide just one of the MANY examples of “gang members” resisting arrest or getting into shoot outs with police IN CANADA. Stop basing your facts on pop culture.

          “This was a year long operation, they did not just pull names out of a hat…”

          Actually, if you go over past raids and see how many charges are dropped and how many people are actually convicted of a crime after all is said and done, one would think that’s PRECICELY police’s M.O in identifying potential “gang members”, who would include 80 year old seniors and employed workers with no criminal record.

          ” Now if a mother mouths off, gives them a hard time, for their own protection cops will put them in cuffs.”

          So “mouthing off” is justification for police to use heavy handed justice, but it’s “stupid” when gang bangers do the exact same thing? & you wonder why police are often compared to gangs themselves?

          “These women have absolutely no one to blame except their own sons – PERIOD!”

          Actually they can blame political grandstanding, mayor ford, the failed “war on drugs”, irresponsible media and racial profiling ALONG with the actions of their relatives.

          • William Paul

            1) mouthing off IS PLENTY justification to be heavy handed
            ……when confronted by authority you should be respectful as all law abiding citizens are…
            2) f**k grandstanding etc.. THEIR OWN SONS should not be breaking the law – simply as that.
            3) 80yr olds??? wrong place, wrong time
            4) by comparing cops to gangs you are showing your true colors – your hope is that anarchy prevails and no one has to obey the law- guns and drugs are OK??Cops ARE authority and should act like it – gun running crappy little wannabe gangster pukes have no right to fight back..EVER!

            Oh and your plan is when cops want to arrest people, they should email them, text them bring coffees and call them with plenty of notice that they are coming over and to please dont hide your guns and drugs? And bad guys will follow that advice right? Or to ask them to sometime in the next 4 months please come in to the station ? great plan!

          • Black_Fist

            1) Maybe in Nazi germany or Russia, but not in Canada. Show me where in the charter of rights where it gives police promition to pummel a suspect because he doesn’t like their tone? If unruly suspects makes them violent, those officers are in the wrong line of work.

            2) Yes, especially when police and the public turns a blind eye to their own crimes and souly concentrate on them. Selling drugs is bad, but doing drugs mean you’re a “victim”.

            3) Wrong place wrong time? Funny, I said the same thing for Jane Creba.

            4) By comparing cops to gangs just means I’ve had more experience in dealing with them than you have, obviously. especially coming from one of these marginalized neighbourhoods. The ones who police poor areas aren’t the kind who help old people across the street or rescue cats stuck in trees. Stop being so naive. & if “wannabe gang banging pukes” actually did “fight back” i gaurentee half of the police force in Toronto would quite, because they are mostly cowards who have NEVER been battle tested like the NYPD, LAPD or Chicago PD are ROUTEENLY.

          • William Paul

            oh…OK…I get it now…You’re a tough guy…geez, why didn’t you say so. You’re right, you should be able to do whatever you want without consequence… here come on over to my house, I;ll cook you dinner, you can f**k my girlfriend and take all my money.
            You are so full of crap man…give your head a good shake, no, I mean it, a really good shake. Cops are tops and if you do not like…LEAVE!!!!!!!

          • Black_Fist

            I thought the name was evident of that. As for ‘doing what ever you want without consequences’, that seems to be an entitlement exclusively meant for privileged CONservatives.

            & btw, when you invite strangers into your house, it’s no longer considered “self defence”….didn’t you catch that Simpsons episode?

            & PS, cops are cowards and natural born bullies. Like I said, most of them in Canada would piss their pants if they had to deal with a real shoot out.

          • William Paul

            as if you know anything about shoot-outs punk. I don’t know why it is so hard to obey the rules and obey the law? Every decent person does this. Most of you ‘toughies’ are creampies…you always fight in groups because when you are on your own, you run and cry. These people should be appreciative that the City and the police are trying to get rid of the criminal element so these people can live better lives. They should say thank you – not complain! period!

          • Black_Fist

            LoL…I was born and raised in this safe city and yet I probably been witness to more shoot outs (in this same safe city) than you watched on TV. I was 15 years old when my 1st friend was killed. I’m 34 now.

            “I don’t know why it is so hard to obey the rules and obey the law?”

            Both Toronto AND Montreal mayors have been caught breaking the law. Police are caught breaking the law. Such fine examples they set for the rest of us.

            “Most of you ‘toughies’ are creampies…you always fight in groups because when you are on your own, you run and cry”

            Yeah, because NOBODY used to get swarmed “in the good ol’ days”, right? In fact, your “rumbles” were ripped right out of the pages of west side story, and were more like dance offs. & I’m not a “toughie”, just not a coward like most.

            “These people should be appreciative that the City and the police are trying to get rid of the criminal element so these people can live better lives.”

            Let me know how “safe” you feel after police terrorizes YOUR family and ignores YOUR basic charter right. & don’t complain about it after. I guess you believe slaves should’ve said ‘thank you’ to their white enslavers after they ‘blessed them’ with their freedom too, eh?

          • UrKiddingRite

            As if you have a clue about what the police anywhere experience. You sound like an idiot who can’t think of anything coherant to say so they just babble on trying to connect any dots that pop into their head.

    • Black_Fist

      How about you tell YOUR sons stop going to places like dixon looking for drugs. Or how about you tell YOUR criminal wholesalers stop taking advantage of poor, marginalized immigrant kids, stop encouraging them to engage in crime and stop providing them with the means to do so? But then that would mean the white community would have to “take responsibility” for their own criminals, & sadly, they would rather blame others for their own criminality.

      • William Paul

        hey the white bad guy scumbags are just as bad as the non-whites…scumbag gangsters are scumbag gangsters and all deserve the same treatment. Quit making excuses because there is no excuse and NO ONE is taking advantage of anybody. Give your head a good shake man

  • William Paul

    oh and to the woman who was embarassed her bare legs were on display…this would not have happened if you son did not deal drugs and keep guns in your house. Blame your son, not the police please!

  • Leith

    Somalis come here seeking a safer and a better future for their children from a place riddled with Al shabab and Al Qaeda killers, pirates, warlords, etc. Canada gives them homes, security, good schools, excellent health system and social assistance.

    For some reason, some of the Somalis have brought with them the hell they escaped from !! and their kids are facing a future not so different from what would have happened to them in Somalia !! (at least 50 killed in a few years)

    This makes me wonder what is the point of seeking asylum or refugee status in the first place if you are not adamant or even willing to make a difference in your life or your children’s lives ???

    P.S. , To the mother angry with the Police smashing her door : believe me madam, the door is the least of your problems.

    • Your Momma

      you are a heartless woman. simply heartless.

    • Black_Fist

      “Brought with them the hell they came from”?
      Are you trying to insinuate that before Somali Canadians ever came to Toronto, there was NO gangs, NO drugs, NO shootings and NO crime? All I see is the next wave of immigrants facing the same set of problems the last wave endured and being used as a scapegoat by the general public as if Somali gangs are the ones making their kids dabble in illicit drugs. Canada promises them homes and give them subsidized housing. Canada promises jobs, but give them minimum wage. Canada promised them opportunity but gave them systemic/closet racism. This is nothing new.
      After the Somali community integrates into Canadian society, privileged Canadian kids will find the next wave of socially ostracized immigrants to score their drugs from.

      • UrKiddingRite

        Canada promises homes to immigrants? Really cause I didn’t know this and if they do promise them homes who pays for them?

        • Black_Fist

          That’s because you’re not an immigrant and your parents promised you your shelter, which you took full advantage of.

          Canada has ratified a number of international treaties and declarations that guarantee the right to adequate housing and the right to equal enjoyment of that right without discrimination,
          although none of these freedoms is absolute. They cannot be used to compromise the rights of other individuals. An immigrant to Canada has the responsibility to provide for their families and Canada has the responsibility to give them the means to do so.

          • Richard Abbott

            I didn’t get squat from the state when I came to Canada.

            “They cannot be used to compromise the rights of other individuals”

            Clearly the right to keep what is mine does not come into this as the state takes money off me under the threat of violence and incarceration in order to pay for stuff for other people – such as this ‘right’ to housing.

            Peoples right to free stuff trumps my right to keep what is mine. Oh I forgot – I’m not part of an identifiable victim group so I have to work 80 hours a week to pay for my family and a bunch of other people too.

            Ho hum.

          • Black_Fist

            “I didn’t get squat from the state when I came to Canada.”

            Canadian citizenship is a blessing within itself…that is if you ARE a citizen.

            “Clearly the right to keep what is mine does not come into this as the state takes money off me under the threat of violence and incarceration in order to pay for stuff for other people…”

            It’s called “paying taxes” and aside from death, it is the only thing guaranteed in life. There is no representation without taxation. Unless you feel it is your God given right, as a Canadian, to own any and everything on Canadian soil.

            So who exactly is trying to “take what is yours”? & what exactly do you feel entitled to?

            On the contrary, my friend, indeed you ARE part of an identifiable group: right leaning angry old white guys playing the “reverse” racism/victim card while simultaneously telling others not to do the same, even if they have a historically well-documented reason to do so.

          • Richard Abbott

            No – there is no taxation without representation (get it the right way round) and I worked in Canada for 7 years without citizenship and contributed hundreds of thousand of dollars into the system without any representation.

            So who exactly is trying to “take what is yours”? & what exactly do you feel entitled to?

            the government is taking what is mine, and I feel entitled to the things I work for. however the government creates a class of people who also feel entitled to the things that I work for so they take it off me to give to these groups of people.

            Hah – it’s not like you to bring race into it is it Fisty? No….wait…. oh…it is. How depressingly predictable you are.
            Lets say that you are right and we are both racists – at least I’m a racist that contributes. Tell me Fisty, what has your racism done for me today?

          • vampchick21

            The ‘state’ takes money from me too, but see, it takes it from every working citizen and permanent resident. Taxes. We all pay them. And I wasn’t aware that not paying them meant a beatdown and jailtime.

          • Richard Abbott

            Try not paying them.

            “A democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.”

            Federal and Provincial debt is just that – people voting themselves, or other people, money that we don’t have – and someone has to pay the piper in the end.

            And while people living in the right to housing housing units may have to get a job as their benefits may get cut I’ll be asked to pay even more towards the debt and be working even more.

          • vampchick21

            So they give out physical beatdowns, like for real beatings, if you don’t pay? when did that start? Cause they don’t mention they’ll beat the crap out of you on the Revenue Canada website. They also don’t say they’ll throw your ass in jail after they rearrange your face. I seriously think you have the complete wrong idea about how things work.

          • Richard Abbott

            Yep – try resisting going to jail for tax evasion. You do know that taxes are not voluntary?
            You do live in Canada?

          • vampchick21

            I do. 8th Generation. Family arrived in the early 1800′s. I do indeed know and understand that taxes are not voluntary, since I pay them on each pay cheque I earn, and on each purchase I make (however, I’ve not had to pay extra during income tax time for a while, I’ve been getting refunds). I know that there are penalties for late payment in the form of an additional amount of money, a percentage point of the taxes owed, that increases over time. So therefore, you are telling us all here on Torontoist that you tried to avoid paying your income tax one year and the RCMP showed up at your door the next day with hockey sticks?

          • Richard Abbott

            do the police ever show up the next day when there is a infraction of the law? You know you’re being silly to make a point. Try withholding your tax and keeping it.

            Over the next 20 -30 years either taxes have to increase significantly, as well as spending being slashed, or provinces and the federal government will go bankrupt.

            All so politicians can buy votes to stay in power.

          • vampchick21

            And you’re being extremist about taxes and the penanties for not paying them. Seriously, if you had police show up at your door because you didn’t pay your taxes, I think there was a bigger issue than “Oh gee, I’m not going to fill out my income tax form this year!”. Because the one year I put off filling out my income tax form, I didn’t even get a letter from Rev Canada. I just filled out two forms the next year (on for the year I missed and one for that year) and had the financial penalty taken off my refund. No police. No violence. No jail time. I think there’s a bit more to your little story than “I didn’t fill out the forms”

          • Richard Abbott

            try withholding the tax and keeping it, I’ve never been late with my taxes – the one thing you have to fear in this society is the government so you keep them as cool as possible. As soon as you start to make real money they are all over you wanting to take as much a possible from you.

            but sooner or later someone will get voted in and they arbitrarily use their power to take more money away from my family. It’s fine as long as you don’t mind being forced to give the government over 50% of the money you make. For me it’s getting old. You may like it – good for you.

          • vampchick21

            Then if you’ve never been late with your taxes, where in the bloody hell do you get the idea that the police will show up at your door and threaten you with violence and jail time if you don’t pay?

          • Richard Abbott

            You don’t pay there will be a court order against you and the police will show up to enforce the court order against you, if you still refuse to pay you will do custodial time. At no point did I say that the police would be at your door the next day – you are arguing over a timing issue that has nothing to do with the actual point.
            See you.

          • vampchick21

            None of that is violence, which is what you stated in your original post. And while yes, in some cases of tax evasion, there is a court order, most of us aren’t committing the kind of tax evasion that results in that. Your original post stated quite clearly that, and I copy paste,

            “Clearly the right to keep what is mine does not come into this as the state takes money off me under the threat of violence and incarceration in order to pay for stuff for other people – such as this ‘right’ to housing.”
            You do understand that tax evasion and tax fraud are different from not filling out the income tax form one year, but filling it out the next, or being late with paying what your income tax calculations say you owe at the end of the tax year? These are two different things altogether. I’m not argueing about when the police show up for crying out loud, I’m arguing against your statement that violence is threatened, and the implication that this is somehow normal in Canada. I get the impression from your posts that you hate paying taxes and only pay them so you won’t get beat up by the cops and tossed in jail.

          • Richard Abbott

            If you resists arrest because you refuse to give them money that you have earned, the state can lawfully use violence to compel you into incarceration

            Do you not know how the power off arrest and incarceration work?

            It is normal for the state to use the courts, police and jail apparatus to enforce tax law if you refuse to pay. Canada has one of the most rigorously enforced tax codes.

            the penalties for non payment can easily be found on line – one answer easily found below – you can avoid jail by paying – and, again, if you think incarceration is not violent try evading it.

            “There are currently many tens of thousands of people in jail (or on payroll/probation/special program) for tax-related charges.The government’s first interest would be getting restitution (i.e. paid in full), including interest and penalties. Assets can be seized, as well as current profits. Anyone having a business connection will receive notices to surrender “accounts payable” to the Government. This can be legally fought, but non-filers snubbing their noses at the system will not get much mercy. If the debtor agrees to pay up and remain current, he can avoid criminal prosecution and jail.”

            Non payment of tax is classed a theft from the government.

          • UrKiddingRite

            My parents promised me shelter? Ha ha ha thats hilarious. My parents worked their asses off to provide a roof over our heads and my Dad went to an early grave as a result of it. Other than encouragement my parents were unable to provide financial support for anything. Everything I have be it my house, car, clothing and food I used my Grade 12 education and hard work to get. Don’t come crying to me about how it was all handed to be because I was white because there has never been one government agency (other than health care) that gave me a nickle when my times were tough so don’t cry to me how many people refuse to use the opportunities that Canada gives them. Get over your all white people are millionaires stereotype because they aren’t and they struggle to survive more than you will ever allow your colourblind self to believe.

  • Ho Hum

    Who cares about “restoring trust” with these people. When police conduct raids on biker gangs do they worry about “restoring trust” with the wider biker community? Of course not!

    The Somali community is rife with criminals. They come from the most lawless country in the world where piracy still thrives. They should NEVER have been allowed into Canada. They have driven up crime rates (more than half of all murders involve Somali’s).

    The group of ungrateful mostly inbred Muslim’s is costing us 100′s of $Millions in increased crime costs along with welfare and other social costs.

    It is sickening to see police coddling these criminal groups.

    • Black_Fist

      When police conduct raids on biker gangs, I don’t see the biker’s grannies, uncles and their mothers in handcuffs along with them. I don’t see their kids being detained with them either. They don’t buss entire families and call them a “gang” now do they? How would you like YOUR house being raided because your neighbour just happened to be a Biker? I guess you would tell police ‘it’s ok’ in that case, eh? Riiiight.
      Canadian society is rife with criminals. Drug addicts, tax frauds, white collar criminals are all “criminals” too. But rarely are they the subject of heavy handed police raids. & please stop with your right wing fear mongering agenda. Canada’s crime and murder rate is still at its lowest peek since the 1960s. The only thing “driving up crime” is CONservative propaganda and misinformation spreading.
      Lazy, self entitled EI cheating rednecks are costing Canada even more than that. That’s why Newfoundland has the highest concentration of EI recipients in Canada….nothing but a drain on multicultural Canadian metropolises

      • UrKiddingRite

        Can you tell us how many police biker raids you have been on? OMy guess is its none and since the bikers don’t turn them into media photo ops no-one sees that they are treated in the same manner.

        • Black_Fist

          The Bikers aren’t the ones calling the media informing them that raids had taken place, it’s the police. & police are quick to show blacks being hauled off in handcuffs…to make the public feel “safe”.

          Police don’t show ANY accused Bikers being hauled off in handcuffs (because they don’t want to be sued for defamation later when half the charges they lay get dropped). They don’t even have the balls to call them “gangs”, they’re referred to as “organized crime” (such a pretty name) and biker “clubs” (is that what white people call their gangs?).
          One set of rule for them, one set of rules for us.

          • vampchick21

            Actually, biker gangs ARE ‘organized crime’, as are some of the larger, more well known to the general public ‘gangs’ The bikers themselves refer to their groups as clubs. Bikers are more along the lines of the Mafia in terms of organization, and some ‘gangs’ are as well. I suspect that the alleged gang being targeted in this particular raid might not be structured along the lines of an ‘organized crime group’, hence the different terms being used. And when the police in Montreal were going after the biker gangs there, you saw plenty of photos and footage of them being arrested. That being said, crime is crime is crime, regardless of the colour of the skin.

          • UrKiddingRite

            And you know all of this how? Cause it sounds all made up, yet again.

  • Ho Hum

    The Somali community was incensed that during the raid the legs of a 98 year old Somali women were left exposed. The Star posted a picture of this woman and she looked like she had been dug out of a grave. One of the most revolting pictures I have seen of a person. Do they think that the officers are going to get “turned on” by exposure to the sight of her bare legs? I bet the officers involved probably felt like throwing up after seeing this woman (I bet she stank as bad as she looked). She should be been encased in a burqa.

    • Black_Fist

      Of course the legs of a 98 year old woman would disgust a white cop….now the legs of a 9-year old boy is a totally different matter.

      • UrKiddingRite

        This comment is dumber than usual, even for you, who is the King of dumber than usual.

  • Harry

    In these joyful times, let us not forget the people who give Canada a taste of the corrupt world,

    …….the people who work day and night to make sure that Somali problems become OUR problems,

    ……the people who bring Somalia’s best (Al Qaeda-Al Shabab- Pirates- Drug Traffickers) to OuR backyards…

    Ladies and gentlemen, would you please rise as we salute : The

    Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada