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Vandalist: Rob Ford, Reincarnated

Once again, Rob Ford's likeness hits the streets.

crack pipe

BY: Spud and Unknown
LOCATION: Kensington Market
PHOTOS BY: Georgette P.
FIELD NOTES: The last time we featured Mr. Ford, we were really hoping he wouldn’t make it into Vandalist ever again. But given that he’s our city’s graffiti muse, it’s not surprising that this current slew of scandal has brought our mayor’s likeness to the streets once more. Though evidence of any crack-related activities has yet to be smoked out, we just couldn’t resist featuring this piece.

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  • Catboy

    Well if they went through the trouble of making a stencil obviously there will be more of them.

    • VictorianShuter

      I found a white on black one in Little Italy, and someone else posted a sighting of a black on gold one in flickr.

  • Dj Boner

    SPUD is a tool. His giant tag just south of Dundas on Bathurst is embarrassing. He’s capable of great art, so why do something so stupid to the side of a building.

  • Jono!

    Vandalist ought to check out the lane/alley-way south a East of Church and Queen for some R. Ford graf gold —