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Toronto Police Officer Cleared of G20 Assault Charges

Const. Glenn Weddell has been acquitted of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

Toronto’s G20 summit seems like a distant memory, but some of the things that happened during that hectic, violent weekend in June 2010 are still working their way through the court system. Today, Const. Glenn Weddell, the first Toronto police officer to go to trial on criminal charges as a result of his actions during the summit, was acquitted of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

The Star reports that Weddell’s troubles began on June 26th, when he allegedly attacked and broke the shoulder of a man who was with a crowd of protesters in Queen’s Park South. That man, Dorian Barton, claimed that he wasn’t participating in the protest, and that the assault was unprovoked.

Today, an Ontario Superior Court judge sided with Weddell, who maintains that his only physical contact with Barton was to help him get up and away from police lines. Weddell’s defense lawyers also argued that Barton’s sole witness—a hospital worker who happened to be nearby during the alleged assault—was unreliable.


  • James D Paterson


    Apparently several images that supposedly showed him harming the idiot showed everything but.

    Good job on wasting taxpayer money, Barton.

    • Winkee

      You have a problem with this “wasted taxpayer money” but not with the 1.1bill that didn’t even prevent a few dozen people from smashing windows? Great logic.
      I guess his broken arm and severe black eye must have happened on their own eh. Heaven forbid people should be in Queens Park the “designated protest zone” when the cops finally decide to do something, hours after the orchestrated and infiltrated black block was allowed to run roughshod over Queen, Bay and College.

      • James D Paterson

        As this article isn’t about the $1.1B the government spent, it’d be silly to bring that up. But yes, I do have an issue with that money as well, as it was a waste, too.

        Who knows how his broken arm and black eye happened? Perhaps he got hit by an object someone other than law enforcement threw at him. Perhaps he had a friend do it to justify a lawsuit (wouldn’t surprise me, considering the type that those people are). Maybe he fell. *snicker*

        • winkee

          Well it’s just interesting that someone who was injured and was trying to hold the person he felt was the cause of it accountable is cause for specific mention as wasteful, but the entire context of what allowed this to happen and created the conditions that citizens could face injury goes unspoken.
          and Yeah our militaristic police waging war in our streets with no accountability to anyone is really funny.

          • James D Paterson

            He “felt” the cop was responsible without having any sort of proof whatsoever, except for pictures he claimed would prove his case, alongside the testimony of what was an unreliable witness. Yes, it’s clearly a waste of time and money.

            Also, militaristic police? Really? You equate Toronto cops to those you’d find in the Middle East, or some Eastern European nation?

            I’ve had no issue with cops whatsoever. Nor do I see cops doing things they generally shouldn’t be. Although, I’m not a protester with nothing else going on in my life, so obviously I’m not engaged with the police all day every day.

          • tyrannosaurus_rek

            Everyone has a right to pursue justice if they feel they have been wronged. If you don’t like that I suggest you move to one of the hellholes where such rights don’t exist.

          • winkee

            Well you obviously weren’t at the G20. The police were about as close to “Middle Eastern or Eastern European” police as you can get without being a full-on dictatorship. Armed to the teeth, roaming around in packs attacking and essentially kidnapping innocent citizens and nonviolent protesters. The police quote that sums up the whole weekend (and the new framing of our police forces) came from a York Regional Police office on King near the wall. When asked why he was ignoring civil rights guaranteed to all Canadians he replied “This isn’t Canada, it’s G20 land.”
            I’m happy for you that you’ve never experienced the long arm of the law or the brutality that many have experienced at the hands of the police, but that surely does not mean that someone is wasting time or money when they feel their rights have been infringed or they have been injured by overzealous or abusive police. Guilty or not guilty it still helps to provide at least the appearance that there is accountability and justice in our system.

          • vampchick21

            It was a bad atmosphere all around, and I avoided downtown like the plague that weekend. Two images I’ll never forget, people in bandanas smashing the Starbucks window on Queen and the kettling at Queen & Spadina. Oh, and add watching two plainclothes police officers dragging a young woman no bigger than myself by the improvised Eastern Ave jail. So three. Three images.

    • dsmithhfx

      Interesting that Weddell pointed the finger at his fellow officers. So that’s the TPS that ‘wasted taxpayers’ money’ (and rather a lot of it). Right?